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Beyond Voice Recorder(pro) v3.6

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Beyond Voice Recorder(pro) v3.6
Requirements: 4.2+
Overview: Beyond Voice Recorder is designed as a productivity tool for users who want to save time by focusing on only what is important in a recording. This app provides a unique ability to visualize the waveform of the recording and selectively exporting the key parts of a recording to a separate file AND it provides advanced audio filters to enhance your recording quality and effects!

Waveform visualization:
- Full precision waveform analysis of the entire recording
- Clearly indicates amplitude (loudness) changes over time, ideal for identifying sections of interest - then zoom in to view more detail"
- Facilitates easy selection for playback or export
- Pinch to zoom into recording segment of interest or zoom out with expand gesture
- Use swipe gestures to easily navigate through the visualization

Selective playback
Playback only the part that is of most importance. This is great for business professionals recording a meeting and replaying parts of the meeting with key discussion points. This is also perfect for students recording lectures and going back to key concepts for review.

Selective export
Export selected segment into own mp3 file. This is a huge time saver to only listen to the key parts of the recording and not have to waste time listening to other parts that are not important.

This is also great for creating custom ring tones.

Advanced audio filters
Choice one or a combination of these filters for the desired effect and export a new recording with effects applied.: 3 band equalizer with 6 presets;
Playback speed shifter;
Pitch shifter;
Echo effect;
Reverb effect

Battery efficient and great looking dark theme

One tap record
Easy to use record that saves into space efficient m4a and mp3 format

Input Level Indicator
Indicates the input level captured

Delete and renaming of recordings can be done from within the app

Recordings and exported segments are all available in the shared music folder, which can be easily copied to other media, set as ringtone, shared via email, instant messaging, NFC, etc, or accessed by other music players.

This app has no advertisements

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