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OnePunch Notes Pro v1.973 Patched

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OnePunch Notes Pro v1.973  patched
Requirements: 2.1 and up 
Overview: OnePunch Notes Pro is a convenient notepad application that is simple but powerful. It provices many features like calendar, password protection, photo/paint/voice record/music file attachment, Todo list, and folder management.


Especially, you can attach all file formats that a notepad application can support, while it keeps its simplicity and usability.
You can stick photo/paint/voice record/music, Todo list on your home screen as a widget, and it provices many powerful widgets like all notes list widget, calendar widget, D-day widget.
Main features
(Basic features)
- Password protection
- Home screen widget(9 sizes, 10 colors)
- Folder
- Index
- Various sorts
- Reminder/strikethrough
- Import/Export
- Backup/Restore
(Only in Pro version)
- Calendar
- Anniversary management
- Lock folder
- Camera/photo/paint/voice record/music file attachment
- Contacts attachment
- Todo list that you can manage todo, shopping list
- Note widget that you can stick photo, paint, voice record, music, Todo list
- All notes list widget
- Calendar widget
- D-day widget
- Quick note widget
- Support free TTF fonts
Notice: Please, keep your password, because you cannot restore your notes data if you lose your password.
 What's New
- Supports Android 4.1(Jelly bean)
- Fixed minor bugs

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:


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      JotterPad - Writer, Screenplay & Novel v12.4.1B-pi [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up 
      Overview: JotterPad — Writer is a minimalistic writing app for the creative writers. It is perfect for writing novel, lyrics, poems, essay, draft and screenplay.

      The clean typing interface allows you to focus on writing, shaping your thoughts into text. Go about your creative writing without distractions and write to your hearts content.
      ● Full Featured Text Editor
      - Distraction-free Interface
      - Built in English Dictionary
      - Extended Keyboard
      - Keyboard Shortcuts (e.g. CTRL+Z for undo)
      - Open .txt, .md, .fountain
      - Phrase Finding
      - Undo & Redo
      - Word and Character Count
      ● Innovative Features
      - CommonMark
      - Syntax Highlighting
      - Custom font
      - Night Mode
      - Dropbox Integration (Works even when offline)
      - RTL Support
      - Support Multiple Encodings (UTF-8, BIG 5 etc.)
      - True Italic
      - Typewriter Scrolling
      - Typeface & Style Customization
      - Exclusive fonts from Hoefler&Co. Ideal Sans, FF Fago Mono, Novel Mono
      ● Share and Export
      - Share .txt
      - Share Plain text
      - Plain Text/Markdown to PDF (Android 4.4 and above)
      - Plain Text/Markdown to .rtf
      - Markdown to HTML
      - Markdown to Formatted text
      - Markdown to .docx (Beta)
      ● Get Creative™ (*Requires In-app Purchase)
      - Custom font
      - Export to .docx
      - Markdown Preview
      - Syntax Highlighting
      - Remove PDF Watermark
      - Snapshots to backup document
      - English Thesaurus & Rhyme
      - Typewriter Scrolling
      1. JotterPad saves your work on exit.
      2. Some of the features require Creative IAP.
      3. JotterPad does not delete files without permission.Please disable cleaning agents app. Follow
       What's New
      Introducing JotterPad Pro, fountain & screenplay
      - Fountain preview, syntax highlighting & prompt
      - Manage characters & scenes
      - Format fountain script to screenplay & print to PDF
      - Export fountain to Final Draft (.fdx)
      - Deutsch thanks to Leif
      - Fixed Google Drive crash
      - Added Markdown Github flavoured support for table, task list, code block & nested list
      - Improved loading speed in preview mode
      - Added table & task list to docx & rtf export
      - 中文(繁體) thanks to lkvnclh
      ● Paid features Unlocked
       ● AOSP Compatible
       ● GDrive sync Broken
      This app has no advertisements
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      News by Notifications PRO v2.3.5 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: News by Notifications (Newtification) the perfect app for you to keep up to date of everything that is happening in your country and in the world!

      The news are sent to your mobile phone immediately after being posted on one of the (more than 40,000) online newspaper that we monitor the world over.
      • NEWS BY INTEREST: The news are sent based on your interests, you choose the countries and the categories that you prefer.
      • GLOBAL SEARCH: You can search the news worldwide!
      • MAIN COUNTRIES: We seek news on more than 40,000 online newspaper from 70 different countries;
      • REAL-TIME: You will have the information in real time, we also looked at local sites in cities that generally post the news before the big sites, so the information will always arrive earlier to you;
      • NOTIFICATIONS: You will receive a notification when we find news that matches your defined preferences;
      • SHARING: Share the news via social networks and communication applications;
      • CATEGORIES: There are 8 available for each country:
            Business : News about companies, dollar, banks, job vacancies, contests, ...
            Entertainment : Travel, fun, novels, reality shows, ...
            Highlights : Top News, the most read and viewed;
            Health : Foods, Diets, Drugs, Diseases, ...
            Country : Politics, government, prefectures, taxes, ...
            Sports : Update on sports and championship/tournaments;
            Science / Technology : Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, operating systems, networks, apps, ...
            World : News from the world;
      This is PRO Version: No Ads, no Limits and more Features!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version 2.3:
      . Black List Sites (Long Tap News);
      . Set News to Read Later
      . Layout improvements;
      This app has no advertisements
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      Note list - Notes & Reminders Pro v4.10 by Cubeactive
      Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
      Overview: With Note list you can quickly write notes, todo items and write down all your ideas and reminders. Use the folder structure to keep all your notes organized. Looking for a simple yet powerful material design notepad app for your Android device, Note list is it.

      With Note list you can quickly write notes, todo items and write down all your ideas and reminders. Use the folder structure to keep all your notes organized. Looking for a simple yet powerful material design notepad app for your Android device, Note list is it.
      • Easy to use - Large notepad for writing notes, optimized for phones and tablets
      • Organize notes - Store your notes in folders and archive folders.
      • Sync notes - Synchronize notes on multiple devices with Google Drive™
      • Quick access - Add a shortcut to your home screen to quickly open the notepad editor to create new notes.
      • Reminders - Add reminders to notes and check completed notes.
      • Backup/Restore - Keep your notes save by using the backup manager or synchronization function.
      • Language support for: English, Dutch, German, Spanish.
      Pro upgrade features
      • Use Note list ads free.
      • Note widget.
      • Bold, Italic, Underlined, Font color, Highlight color markup options.
      • Calendar view.
      Thousands of users worldwide are using Note list every day, install and try it out yourself.
      --- Before installing ---
      To keep your notes save use the build in backup manager regularly, it's best to copy the backup to your PC from time to time in case your device get's lost or damaged.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Added: An improved color select dialog for the text and highlight markup options.
      - Changed: The selection color in the markup bar now have a better contrast to the icons.
      - Fixed: Markup buttons did not always work correctly when using a bluetooth keyboard.
      - Fixed: Stability improvements.
      - Fixed: Toolbar color did not always change to the correct color after deleting a note in tabled layout.
      - Fixed: Stability improvements.
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions: Pro features unlocked
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      Voice Dream Reader v1.1.47
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: Voice Dream Reader is an accessible reading tool for mobile and tablet devices. With advanced text-to-speech and a highly configurable screen layout, it can be tailored to suit every reading style from completely auditory to completely visual, plus synchronized combination of both. 

      Voice Dream Reader is an accessible reading tool for mobile and tablet devices. With advanced text-to-speech and a highly configurable screen layout, it can be tailored to suit every reading style from completely auditory to completely visual, plus synchronized combination of both.
      The visually impaired will benefit from the ability to hear documents read in their favorite voices; students and others with dyslexia will appreciate the synchronized reading capability that integrates text and voice; and everyone who wants to hear or read their documents in their own way will benefit from the configurability of the visual and voice capabilities.
      Voice Dream Reader supports reading PDF, DRM-free EPUB and DAISY eBooks and more. It can load files from file sharing apps like DropBox, Box and OneDrive, or directly from your local device. It has direct integration with the Bookshare book-sharing service.
      Voice Reading
      - Listen to documents like it's music, with play-pause button, gestures or remote control
      - Continues reading when you lock the screen
      - Change voice and reading speed (50-700 words per minute) on the fly
      - Remembers the voice and speech rate used for each document
      Visual Reading
      - Switch between original layout and text-only view for PDF documents
      - Synchronized word and line highlighting
      - Improve focus with reduced text area and auto-scrolling
      - Customizable font including OpenDyslexia font
      - Font size up to 80 points for low vision users
      - Adjustable margin, line spacing and character spacing
      - 3 fully customizable color themes
      Getting Content
      - Text extraction from PDF, Plain text, and HTML files
      - Text extraction from DRM-free ePub and DAISY books
      - DAISY audiobooks, and audiobooks as zipped MP3 files
      - Store and view PDF documents in original layout
      - Dropbox, Box and OneDrive or any app which can share supported files
      - Bookshare and Gutenberg
      - Built-in Web Browser to download files
      - Folders for organizing content
      - Export full text, highlights, and notes
      - Navigation by sentence, paragraph, page, chapter, highlights, bookmarks, 15, 30, and 60 seconds
      - Remembers speech and visual location where you stopped
      - Bookmarking, text highlighting and note taking
      - Full-text search
      - Any builtin voice already on the device
      - Premium voices from Acapela 24 languages available through in-app purchase
      - Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Catalan, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Romanian, Icelandic and Welsh.
      Important Notes:
      - It is not possible to load DRM-protected books from iBooks, Kindle and Nook.
      - Word level highlighting is not supported for builtin voices
      WHAT'S NEW
      We don't bother you with popups asking for a review. But if you like Voice Dream Reader, please give us a 5-star review in the App Store. We'll be grateful. Just to go Settings in the Library, tap on Contact US and Write a Review.
      If you run into a problem, there might be an easy fix. Please email us by tapping on Contact Us and Email Support. We can't help if it's posted in a review.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:   
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      DrawExpress Diagram v1.8.7
      Requirements: 2.2.3+
      Overview: DrawExpress is a fast gesture-recognition diagram application.

      DrawExpress is a fast gesture-recognition diagram application. With DrawExpress, you can draw diagrams and flowcharts in a simple and intuitive way. It's just as easy as using a pen and paper! Whether you work in software design, finance, business, law, or need it for school, DrawExpress is the ultimate solution to your diagramming needs. Try out the free DrawExpress Lite version before your purchase to see if DrawExpress is right for you!
      Visit for more details.
      What can you can draw with DrawExpress?
      Software UML and Network Designs:
      - Use case Diagram
      - Sequence Diagram
      - Class Diagram
      - State Diagram
      - ER Diagram
      - Data Flow Diagram
      - Network Diagram
      Business Processes and Mind Maps:
      - Flowchart
      - Organization Chart
      - Process Flow
      - Mind map
      - Feature List
      - Decision Tree
      - Visual Notes
      It's easier than it sounds and actions speak louder than words. Watch our tutorial video on to see how easy it is to use our diagramming tool.
      Also check out the tutorial slides on our website .
      NOTE: DrawExpress can be exported to PNG, SVG, and DE (DrawExpress) format and share with Dropbox and Email.
      NOTE: DrawExpress for Apple appstore is available at
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version 1.8.7 - June 29, 2017
      - Update Dropbox api
      - minor bug fix
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Safe Notes Pro Secure NotePad v4.7
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Safe Notes is a notepad application that stores your notes in a secure manner using 128 bit encryption and provides quick & easy access using a simple pin number or a secret question/answer (can be used like a password instead of pin). 

      Notes can be identified using a separate title instead of just the first line of the note. Safe Notes stores all your data on the device instead of uploading your personal information to the internet. Safe Notes is easy to use and provides a simple interface. Safe Notes is a secure and easy to use notepad application.
      Remembers login for 1 minute so you do not have to login again if you navigate away for a short time.
      Delete notes by long tapping on a note in the list.
      Please update and run Safe Notes before upgrading to Gingerbread (Android 2.3). This is required to ensure you will be able to access your notes after upgrading your phone/device. 
      Safe Notes (free version) is ads supported.
      If you have any comments or feature suggestions, please let us know at We are always working to improve our applications and welcome your ideas on how to make our applications better.
      * Pin Number access (auto locks after 1 minute)
      * Secret question/answer access (can leave out pin for password style access)
      * Separate note title
      * Create/Delete notes
      * Notes can be up to 5000 characters
      * Sort Options (ascending and descending)
      * Search functionality
      * Send note as SMS or Email
      * Database storage 
      * Send note as email or SMS message
      * Destroy Database option
      * Help screens and messages
      * All data encrypted (128 bit encryption)
      * All data stored on device
      * Email Backup and Transfer
      * Auto-Save notes
      * Auto Backup to Google Cloud (optional)
      * Available space
      * English language only
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      NoteLynX Pro Outliner Mindmap Wiki v5.3.1
      Requirements: Andrpod 2.2+
      Overview: Outliner & Hierarchical Tree Note Editor. An Organizer for all your thoughts, ideas & information using cross reference links to create personal data networks of arbitrary complexity. 

      Outliner & Hierarchical Tree Note Editor. An Organizer for all your thoughts, ideas & information using cross reference links to create personal data networks of arbitrary complexity. Multiple parents feature allows a child note to be linked to more than one parent although defined only once... very useful when something doesn't fit into a single category. Unique ability to create multiple tree roots within a single network that simplifies the creation of family tree-like structures.

      NoteLynX Pro has these extra features:-
      * Sort lists by name
      * Clone outline sections for use as Templates
      * Export to HTML (makes printing possible)
      * Scrolling Edit Toolbar
      * Format: bold,italic,underline,center,bullet list,color
      * Insert: URL,email,telephone,picture,date
      * Checkable Task/Todo lists (not dated)
      * Find Options: Case,Word,Title,Note
      * Night Reading Mode
      * Auto Export
      * Periodic cloud backup (using DropBox & DropSpace)
      * Style Sheets to change global note text size,etc
      * Insert: Custom HTML tag
      * Extended User Guide,with step-by-step examples.
      Plus these features from NoteLynX:-
      * Find: search for key words across a network
      * Bookmarks: give easy access to any note
      * Import/Export for backups and sharing with NoteLynX users
      * Bi-directional links: better than Wiki hyperlinks
      * Multiple Networks: held in separate SQLite databases
      * Text Formatting: HTML for italic, font color, etc
      * Text or HTML Edit Mode
      * Images: may be embedded in notes
      * Web Links: clickable URLs in notes
      * Large Notes: may be of any size
      * Multiple Parents: advanced networking feature
      * Multiple Roots within each tree hierarchy
      * Friend Links: cross-references between notes
      * Expand/Collapse Outliner: hide unnecessary detail
      NB. The User Guide can be viewed Online. Visit Developer's Website.
      Many Uses
      * Organizational tool
      * Notepad Outliner
      * Project Planner
      * Mindmap / Mind-Map
      * Todo List / Task Organizer
      * Brain Storming Utility
      * Memo Pad Jotter
      * PIM Personal Information Manager
      * Internet Bookmarks / Favorites
      * Family Tree
      * Life mapping
      * Chess Analysis
      * Practice HTML/CSS
      WHAT'S NEW
      Half Price Sale!
      Version 5.3.1
      * Alternative Delete Option added to Tree View Context Menu.
      Version 5.3
      * Multi note delete
      * Auto select all done items (Pro)
      This app has NO advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Tasks and Events Premium v1.94
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: Manage your life and time with ease. Create tasks, set priorities and alarms, classify them according to their state (To Do, Doing or Done) and add them to your calendar.

      Quick start.
      Press the + button to add a new task or event. To create a task, a description must be written and it must have a priority and an initial state (To Do, Doing or Done). Once the task has been created its state can be easily changed by a long click on it, and it will be moved to the appropriate tab.
      A deadline can be added to a task. In that case a color-changing icon will show up. As the deadline gets closer the color will change as follows:
      • Cyan: More than 72 hours left.
      • Green: Less than 72 hours left.
      • Orange: Less than 48 hours left.
      • Red: Less than 24 hours left.
      • Grey: The deadline has expired.
      An alarm can be added to a task or event. To set an alarm, the task must have a deadline set. The time alarm must be prior to the deadline. When an alarm goes off, a notification is launched with the description of the task, and the selected sound on the Sounds configuration. The colour of the notification will be accordingly to the priority assigned. In case the device is turned off, when started, all the alarms that could have gone off during that time, will show up. The colour of the alarm icon never changes.
      On the options menu the sorting criteria of the tasks can be set for the states To Do and Doing. 
      • By priority: The higher priority tasks first. When same priority, the closest deadline first.
      • By deadline: The closest deadline first.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      JIRA Mobile v2.25.0
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: JIRA Mobile for Android is the ultimate solution to use Atlassian JIRA on your Android device. it works with JIRA core, JIRA software and JIRA service desk.

      JIRA Mobile is designed to view and interact with your issues on the go with a user-friendly interface.
      Collaborating faster than ever:
      - Create, Edit, link, delete, Watch, Vote and Transition issues
      - The best Kanban and scrum boards experience for your stand-up meetings.
      - Add, edit and delete comments
      - Edit, crop, rename and add multiple attachments to your issues
      - Advanced Search by key, summary, assign, report, status, custom fields..
      - Record the time spent working on issues (Log work)
      - View your Favorite filters and add them to your home page
      - Share issues via your email
      - And much much more...
      WHAT'S NEW
      * Create and edit screen fields are now ordered as in JIRA
      * Screen Tabs are now displayed in the screens
      * View screen fields are now shown as in JIRA
      * Support Swedish language and enhancements on Russian translation
      * Performance improvements and bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Techo Note+ (memo/sticky note) v1.7.2
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: From people who'd like to keep life recorded, 
      for people who'd like to keep life recorded.

      There are already lots of memo note applications, so why you may want to choose TechoNote+? Compared with other memo pads, TechoNote+ has three features:
      ====Fast & Simple====
      TechoNote+ has not any unnecessary step. You can immediately start typing after entering TechoNote+. The text you have write will be saved automatically when you quit the application.
      "Import & Export", "Clear/Undo Clear", "Copy All", "Shortcut", "Go to top", "Shared-text-receiving", "Share" and "Send via mail" and more function are supported.
      You can change the color theme or fontsize as you like.

      Please search "TechoNote" which is the FREE version of TechoNote+.
      If you find it helpful, you could support us by pruchasing TechoNote+.
      New features of TechoNote+:
      Default export path setting
      More readable export file name
      Exit by BACK key
      List mode
      Item title
      2-Level Panel
      Modification discard
      Sony Small Apps
      Sony Smart Extension support (including Sony SmartWatch2, Sony Smart Bluetooth Headset SBH50/52 etc.)
      Integrated sending function
      Slide to add
      Auto backup old version
      Word counting
      Smooth scroll
      Auto popup keyboard
      Send later
      Shortcut button
      Tested devices:
      Sony Mobile
      Xperia series devices
      Galaxy S6
      Galaxy Note4
      WHAT'S NEW
      Add support for Android N.
      “Widget" feature has been added.
      “Shortcut button" feature has been added.
      “List mode" feature has been improved.
      “Send later" feature has been improved.
      “Smooth scroll” feature has been added.
      “Auto popup keyboard” feature has been added.
      “Slide to add” feature has been added.
      "Read-only" mode has been added.
      "Auto backup old version" feature has been added.
      "Word counting" feature has been added.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: