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Smart WiFi Pro v1.8.3 patched

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Smart WiFi Pro v1.8.3 patched
Requirements: 2.2 and up 
Overview: Do not miss the chance.


Do not miss the chance.
# support language
- English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Germany, French, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay
[Try Free Smart WiFi first!]
If Phone manufacturer had modified WiFi module, it might not work normally. Please let us know if you find problems that don't happen in other WiFi Apps.
We recommend to try Free Smart WiFi first and purchase when you are satisfied.
[Refund Policy]
If you dissatisfied with the Smart WiFi Pro or if some functions work wrongly,
please request a refund by email within a week after purchase.
We process a refund without any conditions.
We will try to give you better functions.
[1.7.0 Update logs]
1. Add location based WiFi Auto On/Off.
2. Ring alarm when switching between WiFi and 3G/4G.
3. Notify whether the internet is available when connecting WiFi.
4. Connect to the AP with highest level when WiFi or screen is turned on.
5. Fixed bugs at Android 4.3
# A Wi-Fi App that just makes life easier
- Fast, easy automatic connection with just one click
- Automatically checks if the internet can be used!
- checks and filters an AP with Captive Portal
- Simple U/I allows you to view all information at once.
- Even provides advanced functions including Static IP Settings for each AP and AP Filtering!
- WiFi Auto On/Off location based
*. Captive Portal: an AP with Captive Portal requires to login or exposes ads
# Unique Features
[Smart Connection]
With just one click, you can access WiFi without thinking about which APs to access.
You can use WiFi easily with prioritized automatic connection that takes care of channel interference & signal intensity.
[Internet Confirmation]
After being connected to WiFi, the app checks if the internet is available. This keeps you from being frustrated while using WiFi.
[Radar View]
We provide an easy UI that enables users to check AP Channels, connection sensitivity, security mode, and other details over easy & neat Radar View.
[WiFi Donkey Service]
It’s a WiFi-sharing service that allows Smart WiFi users to access secured AP between Smart WiFi users.
If you share more than 1 secured AP, then other users can also access the AP.
[AP Filtering ]
APs that are always inaccessible and interfering will be excluded from the list.
[Notification of network change]
Ring alarm when switching from WiFi to 3G/4G.
# Premium Functions
[Auto On/Off]
Turn on the WiFi automatically when in range of designated AP.
[Automatic conversion to 3G]
When Internet access via WiFi is impossible, the app will automatically switch to 3G and provide a smooth WiFi experience.
(Internet may not be available, even if you’re connected to an AP with strong signals and vice versa. Smart WiFi checks if the Internet actually works and decides whether it should switch to 3G.)
[Maintain Connection]
Even when your phone is in power-saving mode, it will maintain the WiFi connection to ensure that you can use services like Music Play without interruption.
[Confirming Captive Portal]
In case of asking to log in or accessing APs showing Ads, these are displayed on Status bar and can be automatically filtered according to settings.
[Static IP Settings for Each AP]
By setting up fixed IPs for each AP, you can access the AP very quickly, even when it is difficult to access.
[WEP Key Index]
You can designate the Key Index for WEP Mode when accessing AP.
# Help us translate
- Please help us support your own language through the Translation Menu inside Smart WiFi App
# How to Use
- You can read detailed descriptions for usages by tabbing “Run App→ Menu Button→ About→ YouTube Icon."

What's New
[1.8.x Update]
- fix Kitkat bugs & battery issue

This app has NO advertisements

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