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Crime Coast: Mafia Wars v43 [Mod]

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Crime Coast: Mafia Wars v43 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up 
Overview: Can you handle a heist homie? So gangster you make Tony Montana look like Hannah Montana? Then become a Godfather and bring annihilation to Crime Coast.


In a lawless town that cops and DEA fear, crooked criminals and kingpins are law. San Andreas has got nothin on Crime Coast. Cons and conflict rule as ruthless thugs break into fray, skirmish for fun, and commit robbery before breakfast. Like an overflowing toilet scum always rises to the top of this criminal paradise. Are you the right nigga for the job?
No villain can raid and nuke through Crime Coast solo; you need henchmen, but right now you’re more Charlie Brown than Walter White. Brawl with rebel hooligans to earn respect from crooks and cons, then grab yourself some goons…and a handgun. Become the kingpin of conflict and butchery, then revel in ruthless domination like the Godfathers of old.

After settlers have built you a badass hideout, you’ll hire thugs, hommies and hooligans to beef up crews for skirmishes and raiding. After the mayhem you can even hire bad boy hustlers to rage the survivors, but you’ll only plunder a few bucks from a fray with lowlife cons. Earn some serious loot from protection rackets, breaking and entering, and bank jobs for big bucks, and create a mafioso so ruthless makes the Sopranos look like girl scouts. Skirmish in this city to help the scum overcome the illuminati, and become Godfather to a crooked underworld of hooligans, assassins an

* God Mod.
* 1 Hit = Building Destroyed.
* All Units Unlocked.
* All Henchman Unlocked.
* Troops can be deployed everywhere.

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Download Instructions:


Crime Coast: Mafia Wars v43 [Mod]  -  46.9 MB

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