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Microsoft Parchi - Quick notes & lists v1.3.6429.4477

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Microsoft Parchi - Quick notes & lists v1.3.6429.4477
Requirements: 4.2+
Overview: Parchi, a Microsoft Garage project, is a quick note taking app – think paper-pencil, sticky notes, edge of a paper, the last page of every notebook, you get the idea :)


Use Parchi (pur-chih) the same way you would use paper-pencil to capture notes
❋ Capture small bites of information
❋ No need to define a structure at the time of taking the note 
❋ Just jot it down

Key Features
★ #tag based - Add inline or use the #tag UI
★ Quick notes – Take notes from the lock-screen, remove it or add it back
★ Text, list and pictures
★ Reminders, Colored notes, Mark as favorite or Pin to lock-screen
★ Quick search through the hamburger, #tags, text and various filters
★ Share notes – Share a single or multiple notes over WhatsApp, Email, SMS, or any other app of your choice
★ Group operations – color, delete, complete and favorite multiple notes in one go
★ Smart Content – Take quick actions on Phone Numbers (Call | Add to Contact), URLs (Open | Copy URL) and Emails (Email | Copy)
★ Backup your notes so that you never lose them even if you uninstall the app or change phones
★ Send Feedback – Send your feedback from within the app – swipe RIGHT to open hamburger and send feedback
★ Small APK size

Microsoft Garage turns fresh ideas into real projects.  Learn more at microsoft.com/garage.

By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions: http://aka.ms/parchi-eula


Forward a Note: Tired of reminding your friends about assignment deadlines? Does your husband forget to pay the cable bill every month? You can now set reminders for your contacts. Use Forward a Note to set reminders for your friends through Parchi. Check it out now!

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