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SSID Selector with WiFi Widget v0400015

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SSID Selector with WiFi Widget v0400015

Requirements: 1.6 and up

Overview: Caution: At activating the app, frequently the Google service respond with an error. Pay attention to existing Internet connection and try several times if necessary. Thank you.




The SSID Selector offers you many ways to change your WiFi....

- App

- Widget

- Notification Bar

- Plugin for Locale and Tasker

- Intent

- Best Network Option!

* App: One simple click to change the wifi. You can see your configured wireless lan SSID's and the actual strength and you can switch your wlan. You can configure the notification* and start/stop it.

* Widget: You've the choice between 2 widget-sizes, depending on how much wifis you've configured. 1-2 or up to 10, depending on the screen size. You can see the actual connected wifi ssid in the widget. Now with ON/OFF-Switch for Wlan!

* Intent: Switch between your wifi through an simple intent "ultimatesoftware.nw.SSIDSelector.intent.action.verbindeSSID" and ssid as extras. You can change the wlan in every App who can send an intent, like Tasker, Locale or other.

* Notification*: The newest feature is the static notification which you can configure in the app. Select the ssid's you want and change any time the actual wifi. Pull the notification bar down, see the actual wlan-connection and change it with one click.

* Plugin für Locale und Tasker: User the simple Plugin to automatically change the WiFi.

* **NEW** Best Network Option: Enables simple and fast change to the strongest network at this moment. You can choose this Option on all features: App, Notification, Intent, Widget and Plugin. You have the choice to connect to an configured network or include all open networks in reach.

*now for all Versions available! The Android-Version  Email me: [email protected]

 What's New

V0400015: Bugfixes only


* Configuration-Menu with the option to disable the Information-Toasts


Error Fix:

* Android 4.1 and 4.2 Error-Fix

New Features:

* Best Network Option: Enables simple and fast change to the strongest network at this moment.

* More Widget-Sizes and resizeable for Android > 4.0

* Wifi-On-Off-Switch in Notification-Bar!


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