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NavMeter GPS Maps speedometer v2.9.1

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NavMeter GPS Maps speedometer v2.9.1

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: NavMeter allows you to display speed, altitude, compass, speed limit and coordinates indicator over the navigators that don’t provide this informations (like the Google Maps one).





Open NavMeter and enable auto activation. Then open Google Maps and start the navigator: the speedometer will appear; drag it wherever you like with your finger. Tap it quickly if you want to make it disappear for few seconds.

Every time you will start the navigator, the speedometer will appear where you placed it.

If you don’t want it to appear anymore, just disable auto activation.




When the indicators are active, a notification appears. You can toggle between day and night mode and hide indicators from that. If indicators had been activated manually, you can also switch them off.




Indicators are fully customizable: you can edit color, dimensions, shape and transparency. You can choose the unit of measurements you prefer and you can decide if display them or not.




By default, Indicators are activated automatically only with Google Maps navigator. You can activate them with any application simply going to Settings and selecting “Other apps”.




To enable the features related to the speed limit (speed limit indicator, color-changing speed indicator, ecc) you have to purchase a monthly subscription. The first 7 days are free, so you can try it and decide if you want to go on or cancel it. You can cancel a subscription whenever you want.



This is needed because I have to pay a monthly fee to Here maps to obtain the speed limit.




NavMeter features a HUD also that you can activate from menu. Open it and place your device under the windshield: speed, time, altitude, speed limit and compass will be reflected in it (it works when it’s dark).




NavMeter features a Tasker plugin which provides some actions to enable and disable auto actvation and indicators and to change night-day mode.




To get more detailed informations, read the manual: https://vectorsblogen.wordpress.com/navmeter/



If you need support or have a suggestion:

- visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/navmeter

- send me an email




NavMeter requires the following permissions to work:

Precise location necessary to get GPS data (speedometer, altimeter, coordinates)

Google Play billing service necessary to purchase the full version

Read phone status necessary to check for incoming and outgoing calls. This application does not interact with phone calls.

Draw over other apps necessary to display indicators over other applications and in the lockscreen

Run at startup to make automatic activation work after a reboot

Internet to get speed limit


What's New


Now all the features, except the speed limit, are available in the free version!

A subscription is required to get the features related to the speed limit because it costs me a monthly fee to maintain it.

If you purchased the full version previously, you don't have to pay anything more, at the moment.

Corrected a bug related to Waze.


This app has No advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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