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Geek Tool v2.4.2

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Geek Tool v2.4.2

Requirements:  2.2 and up

Overview: This is the digital Swiss-Army-Knife for Android!

Tools & Features in the All-In-One Android App:




- Shake your phone to enable the flashlight (while in main menu)

- Huge list of IT Abbreviations (for Knowledge Geeks).

- HTTP, SIP (VOIP), FTP and SMTP status codes (for Network Geeks!).

- Bin, Oct, Hex, Dec Number Converter (Always useful).

- Flashlight

- Use the Camera LED as Torch light

- Use the Display with full brightness as light

- FX Rates / Currency Converter (ECB reference rates!)

- RGB Color Picker (for Web Geeks!)

- Password Generator (for Security Geeks!)

- Network Info (All details you can get out of Android!)


- Netmask

- Default Gateway

- DNS Server

- Linkspeed (for wifi and radio)

- Wifi essid

- Your average latency to google.com

- Phone Finder

- Set your password one time to track your phone at any time (link to google map).

- Find your phone when the ringer is off (Phone Un-Silencer!)

- Stopwatch

- Countdown

- Morse Codes and NATO Phonetics.

- Marquee Text (Background- & Text Color configurable).

- Compass combined with GPS for Alitmeter, Logitude, Latitude, Speed and Accuracy.

- etc.

The next release will contain even more Geek Tools! :-)

Please send any questions, comments and feedback to [email protected]


What's New

2.4.2 2011/09/17

- Rate GeekTool

2.4.1 2011/07/16

- small test/fix in manifest file to support more devices.

2.4 2011/07/12

- Added Battery Icon behind Battery Status under Flashlight.

- Added VOIP / SIP Response Status Codes

- New: Shake your phone while in the main menu to start the Flashlight.

2.3 2011/06/16

- Added Battery Status for Flashlight.

2.1 2011/06/16

- Fix in google analytics code.

2.0 2011/06/15

- Small Visual Fixes

- Implemented google analytics to improve the GeekTool.



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