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Focus Premium v1.1-beta2

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Focus Premium v1.1-beta2

Requirements: 4.1+

Overview: Focus is an incredible new kind of gallery, perfectly tuned for speed, efficiency, and ease of use.




What does it do?


- Tag your photos to keep them organized like never before using a first-of-its-kind 

tagging feature - choose from eleven preset tags, or create your own.


- Access any image, gif, or video on your device’s storage directly from the main 

screen, or dive deeper into your collections to quickly find photos by date.


- Browsing your photos is easy, fast, and fun with Focus’ stunning, responsive 

material design interface.




Focus 1.1-beta1

*The biggest thing to happen to Focus since Focus*


Now in beta, Focus 1.1 delivers some major new features and a big handful of new details that significantly refine the experience, even integrating some of the original design concepts previously gathering dust on the cutting room floor :) in the interest of word economy, I’ll list a few of the changes.


0. The Vault! This feature is still a work in progress, but you can safely tuck photos or entire collections out of sight in the vault, protected by your fingerprint (on devices using Marshmallow’s official fingerprint API) or passcode. We’re working hard to make this feature awesome, and that includes extending our code to hide your vault photos from other apps.


1. The main layout now slides _over_ the toolbar. This interaction was inspired by +Nick Butcher’s Plaid demo app - it’s a super elegant way to get into the content just a little faster, and works really well for toolbars that only have non-critical actions (like the camera shortcut in Focus).


2. The picture opening and closing animation has been reimagined. The previous animation, which scaled thumbnails up and down from their origin points, was problematic because a user could swipe through photos and then exit, while the exited photo was off canvas, meaning the closing image had nowhere to go. 


To solve this we gave every photo a common off-canvas origin and destination point - it’s just below the edge of the canvas. 


Each image slides up and down when you open or close it, and to maintain your sense of context, a scrim fades in over the main screen as the image slides up. The picture viewer’s action icons then pop into existence with a really fun new animation.


3. Thumbnail elevation. This was one of those original concepts - when touching an image, it raises to meet your fingertip, with an appropriate shadow showing up underneath.


4. Long-pressing a photo. The overlay and checkmark for selecting photos have been decoupled, giving us the opportunity for a really nice little detail as you select photos on any screen.


5. The tag selector - your most commonly used tags will now show up right at the top of the tag selector, and the whole sheet will slide up as you scroll, rather than confining your scroll to one small area.


6. Opening a collection - this animation has been rethought as well. The tag chip still travels to the top of the canvas, but the photos don’t explode out or in anymore, making for a more peaceful transition.


7. Clearer tag creation - when creating a new tag, you’ve always been able to choose a custom color. Now, the selected color gets a clearer checkmark while maintaining that nice elevation effect.


Grab the download and let us know what you think. We think you’re going to love it.


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More Info:


Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked




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