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Charger Checker v2.1.4

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Charger Checker v2.1.4

Requirements: 2.2 and up 


The Charger Checker is a tool that allows you to identify if, and how well your chargers are actually working. Simply plug your phone or tablet into a charger, and the Charger Checker tell you if your charger is performing Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, or just plain Bad. 




The Charger Checker also shows you exactly how much power is being charged to the device at any given time. Also use Charger Checker to compare different device chargers to make sure your device gets charged at the fastest rate possible. No complex and confusing battery statistics or consumption data, clean sleek design.

Don't miss work or an important event because your alarm didn't go off merely because your phone wasn't charging properly throughout the night. Download the Charger Checker to see in clear easy to read words that your phone is actually charging.

Do you have tons of chargers that don't seem to work very well but can't decide when it's time to chuck them?

Use Charger Checker to determine your chargers expiration dates. If their barely charging your phone, or not at all, it's time for them to go.

Do you have chargers that seem to charge your phone at extremely slow rates?

Charger Checker can confirm your suspicions once and for all.

Do you have some chargers that don't really charge your phone, but merely keep it from dying?

With Charger Checker you can confirm that your charger can't keep up with the power your phone is using, so it that's the case it's time for a new one.

Got an awesome new charger? Prove to your friends how well it works by comparing it's power intake to theirs.

 What's New

-Added count down timer.

-Fixed other bugs

-Added sound notification when charge is complete


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