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SnapToMe Plus v2.1

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SnapToMe Plus v2.1

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: Easily send photos from your phone to your email in as few as two taps.




SnapToMe Plus makes photo forwarding simple. Email unlimited* photos through our server to your email address or any other address. This is an easy solution for users who do a lot of photo forwarding from a phone or tablet either for work or personal use.

At startup, you will be prompted to enter an email address where your photos will be sent. You can change it later through the settings menu.

SnapToMe Plus even works without cell service or Internet connection. It will store your emails to retry later automatically (you can set the delay in the settings menu), or you can retry/resend any stored emails manually.

Additional features:

• Optionally enable GPS data to be tracked and recorded in the email body

• Configure to use WiFi only and never eat into your data allotment.

• Scan barcodes or QR codes and insert the decoded string directly into notes attached to the photo(s). Simply tap the barcode icon in the Notes menu to get started. Great for shipping / warehousing applications. Requires Barcode Scanner app by the ZXing Team, downloaded separately.

Please note that photos taken using Snap To Me Plus are not normally stored in your phone’s gallery, though this may vary by model.

*The number of photos attached to an email may be limited by your email service. The ability to send emails with many attachments may be inhibited by the bandwidth of your connection or the limitations of your data plan if using your cell service.

Recent update summary:

2.1 (Current)

* Added integration with Barcode Scanner app by ZXing Team.


* The user may now take and send multiple photos in a single email.

* Each picture’s file name, date, time, and location are listed in the email and the location is a clickable link to Google Maps.

* The photo set is now preserved if the user exits the app before the photos are sent.

* The user interface has been improved with larger, more intuitive buttons.

* The camera now makes a ‘shutter sound’ when a picture is snapped.

* The Outbox button has moved from the camera screen to the menu.


* Based on user suggestions, we added a preference for Wifi-only. The default behavior of the app is the same as before. But, if you want to control data charges, you can set the app to send its emails and pictures only when a wifi connection is available.


* Based on user feedback, we’ve moved the buttons to the four corners of the camera. This makes it much easier to use the app in bright sunlight and much harder to hit Discard or Send unintentionally. Thanks to Dave B. for identifying the issue.

* We’ve reformatted the lat/long string in the email to be more search-able. Now you can simply copy-and-paste the lat/long out of the email and into a Search box. Thanks to Bruce T. for pointing out this rather d’oh issue.


*Removed the ‘Move to SD Card’ capability. It disables the important automatic retry feature in some situations.


* The email retrying service will now restart after the phone reboots; you won’t have to manually retry after you turn your phone off.

* To improve speed and reliability, we’ve made the EXIF-writing feature a preference that is turned off by default. This feature allows us to correct the date/time for a few phones that don’t set it correctly. Only if you notice date/time problems, turn this feature on and try it.

* Users are now informed if location tracking is disabled on their phone.


* Allow the app to be moved to an SD card.

 What's New

*Added integration with Barcode Scanner by ZXing Team.


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