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VHS Camera Recorder v1.5.2

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VHS Camera Recorder v1.5.2

Requirements: 4.1+

Overview: VHS Camera Recorder is an Android app to create videos and photos that seem to come out of a VHS tape, recorded with a Camcorder.




Shoot videos that look and sound like you used an old damaged camcorder and put the tape in a shoebox for 30 years. Change the date to go back in time, and preview the effect in real-time as you record your "videotape".

“What app are those people in Instagram using a retro camera to make their videos look like they are 25 years old?” - You, before you downloaded this VHS Camera app. We have also an effect similar to a novelty camera, very retro and a bit damaged.

So, straight from your Android device, film home retro videos that feel like they were recorded in the 80s & 90s. VCR, tape cassette or even the Super VHS (SVHS was the HD version) are things from the past, but it feels so good to have them back.

It has also some subtle background white noise, to be even more similar to the VCR videocassette recorders.

Questions, suggestions? We're all ears at [email protected]




- Convert your own videos from your gallery to VHS.

Last release:

- Improved (again) the VHS effect, with the date visible on the screen.

- Add some new music!

- Option to add zoom to any effects

- Swipe up/down in VHS effects to change the intensity of the effect

Thanks a lot your feedback! Please contact us at [email protected] for any suggestion or problem.


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