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Day Complete Reboot v1.5

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Day Complete Reboot v1.5

Requirements: 4.1+

Overview: Reboot the way to track your 21 Day Programs containers, exercises, and water. Yes Programs!




The 21 Day Complete Reboot comes with a base and an extreme 21 Day schedule to fix your meal habits. You can also add custom exercises and build your own 21 day schedule.


Fix it! Track it! Reboot it!


It takes your body about 21 days to make or break a habit (depending on the habit). Sometime you need to go through a few cycles to fix your meal habits. 


21 Day Complete Reboot contains a cycle manager. A cycle manager? What does that mean Tone? It means that at the end of your 21 days you simply add another cycle and can track another 21 days. NO MORE LOSING YOUR INFORMATION to do another round!



✔ a base 21 Day Program

✔ an extreme 21 Day Program


Meal Plans - Control your meals!

21 Day Reboot is NOT your typical click to add 1/2-portion or tallysheet tracker. 21 Day Reboot gives you the tools of a meal planner to track individual meal items and their portions. 


✔ Customize and use TWO meal plans throughout your 21 days. *See Plan to Use photo. 

✔ Create an extreme countdown or bootcamp 2 days on 1 day extreme meal plan in seconds!

✔ Edit container portions anytime


✔ Focus on the individual meal items you eat throughout the day. 

✔ All calculations are done for you! Total and Remaining portions at a glance.

✔ Day Review report - view/export all 6 meals at a glance. 


✔ My Meals! Create custom quick-add meal items.

✔ Grocery/Shopping List - add items from the food lists, add your own, sort, share/email - Honey Get List!


Food List

✔ Includes the updated spice it up food list. Viva!

✔ No more carrying your book around!



✔ Create custom 21 day workouts with your own exercises!

✔ Add multiple workouts per day!

✔ Add a note to each workout!

✔ Custom exercises do not get wiped away with new cycles!


Daily Weight Tracking

✔ View your progress with each entry.

✔ Weight Report can be generated and saved!

✔ View your weight in lb or kg on main screen (Settings)


Cycle Manager:

✔ No need to lose all your data when you start a new cycle!

✔ Reset current cycle without resetting the app!



✔ Track how your body changes!

✔ Before and After measurement tracking

✔ Measurement Reports show the change between each body part as well as total (inches or centimeters)


Water Tracker

✔ Track your daily water consumption.

✔ Calculates a suggested water quantity based on current weight.

✔ Chose from various size water bottles (in Settings).

✔ Calculates in oz and mL

✔ Edit water quantity


Grocery List

✔ Plan your trip to the grocery store! Create a list of foods you will need from the approved food lists - click to add!

✔ Includes the updated Spice it up food list. Viva!


Reports - Why track it if you can't view it?

✔ Cycle Measurement Reports (before and after comparison)

✔ Cycle Weight Report (all 21 days in one PDF)

★ PDF reports are available for devices with android 4.4 and above★ 

★ Share reports to email available for all devices!


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