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Evp - Voices of Ghosts 2014 Ed v7.11

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Evp - Voices of Ghosts 2014 Ed v7.11

Requirements: 3.0 and up 

Overview: Would you like to be part of a group of paranormal research?

all devices for capturing emf, and those for recording evp costing tens of dollars, and not everyone can afford them buy them. But you have an Android device that has a complete set of sensors, and with this software you can use them and have an electromagnetic detector and recorder evp of all respect.




Application for registration of EVP and more scanning through EMF sensors. The application uses your phone's sensors to capture substantial differences in the environment. Some parameters change with the approach of entity and one of the ways to communicate with them is the EVP. Changing the value of the parameters in the first screen will activate the scan.

Instructions for use:

During recording, magnetic values, sounds and movements will be detected by the sensors and the microphone processed by an algorithm and converted into words and phrases that are spoken by the TTS of your device.

Each hypothetical intelligent entity could deliberately alter these values ​​and interact with you. All the words will be saved in audio and text.

Dai pulsed on the main screen, pui see the radar in 3D, connect to the facebook page, connect other applications, share your recordings and chat with other users.


- During surveys you can take pictures and review them from the gallery.

To open the camera: Click on the camera button.

To open the gallery: Long click on the camera button.

Automatic mode:

Self-Timer: Change the threshold if the Self-Timer and a hypothetical entity approaching the threshold of your device and electromagnetism were exceeded, it would start recording automatically.

Manual mode:

- Click on the recorder;

- Reset to eliminate any noise;

- Set the parameters;

- Active noise (optional);

- Click the button in the center;

- It will start recording during which you can ask your questions;



Play back recordings:

- From the first screen, click on the button Files list;

- Short Click to listen to or delete the file;

- Long click to share

- During playback, you can activate the spectrogram;

- During playback, you can also share your results with the world;


- Click on the chat button;

- Sign up (only the first time) by entering a user name and password;

- Chat and meet other users;



The application may be incompatible with some older devices, remember that you have 15 minutes to try out the application and take back the money. The application does not use dangerous or harmful instructions, the incompatibility is due to the diversity of hardware devices.



Do not expect to find ghosts everywhere and always, if you are in the right place at the right time, it will mark the pendulum moving in the red zone, or oscillate between the green and yellow. The words spoken by the device are processed by calculations, and may have been created by changes mathematical sensors are not always attributable to entity.

The authors are not liable for damages, strong emotions, fears, of all injuries that bad and incorrect use of the application could create things or people.

If you are emotional, you're afraid or do not believe in the paranormal do not download this application and in any case take it as a game ... Know, however, that might not be!

By purchasing we will donate a contribution to the increase in the projec

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