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SuperEMF V1.0.5

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SuperEMF V1.0.5

Requirements: 2.2 and up 

Overview: SuperEMF is an EMF detector and with it you could track easily all paranormal activities with your Android phone. It uses a great layout based on the famous EMF device used by "Winchester Brothers" 




- Supernatural.

It reads the magnetic field present around you with the help of sensors in your device and displays the values in micro Tesla and milli Gauss. If you feel that there's some kind of energy around you set a baseline and starting catching supernatural beasts!

SuperEMF allows you to store your readings and lately play it(EMF, EVP), and share it in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc with your friends.


- Reads EMF and EVP in real time;

- Uses micro Tesla and milli Gauss unities in three axis(X,Y and Z);

- Could switch between two alert songs(one song is based on Winchester's EMF, another is a beep-beep sound) and alert you about supernatural presence;

- The sound plays loud for higher EMF values;

- The leds on top off screen turns on for higher EMF values;

- Graphic view to view detailed information and play EMF store records;

- Change the colours of lines in graphic;

- The sensibility of readings is configurable;

We are constantly adding new features. So please give us your feedback so we can integrate your ideas!!

Langages available:





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---> Please email us with any issues. Don't leave questions/issues in comment section. We can't answer them!



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 What's New

- Minor Fixes.


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