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Mi Band Tools v1.3.0

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Mi Band Tools v1.3.0

Requirements: 4.3+ | LP or Google Play Modded

Overview: w: Get the most out of your Mi Band smart bracelet with Mi Band Tools! Set up your own, individual and fully customizable notifications for incoming calls and applications.




Energize your brain during a hard day using the power nap feature, configure multi-color custom patterns for each single notification, fine-tune custom content filters and a lot more!


This application works very well with original Mi Fit application (but is no way associated with Xiaomi). This means that you can always have the latest Mi Fit version and the latest Mi Band firmware in addition to great and powerful notification features.



• Application notifications (configurable per application as well as globally).

• Incoming call notifications (configurable per contact as well as globally).

• Alarm notifications (including safety sound alarm - vibrations won't wake you up? safety sound alarm will trigger after few minutes).

• Custom repeating notifications (you can set anything you like, for example: hourly chimes, change workout reminder, take a pill reminders and more).

• Fully customizable notification patterns (including multi-color notifications, custom vibration patterns).

• Notification content filters (only interested in SMS notifications for certain people? not a problem for Mi Band Tools).

• Multiple notifications per application (thanks to this feature, you can set different patterns for single application, for example you can set WhatsApp messages from your boss in red and from your friends in blue).

• Power Nap feature (need a short nap? Just activate this and Mi Band will wake you up by vibrations when you're done resting).

• Idle Alerts (you can set an alert so the band will buzz you if you've been inactive for some time). You can also control the interval, time frame and inactivity threshold.

• Configurable notifications times (even separately for weekends) and conditions (globally and per notification).

• Advanced settings (disable non-interactive notifications, shake to dismiss power nap, disable in silence mode, disable while screen is on, ...).

• Missed notifications (notification is not lost when you are out of reach of your phone, you will get the last missed notification on reconnect).

• Fully customizable widgets (daily fitness goal progress, bracelet battery, etc).

• Export/Import Settings (to your storage or to the cloud).

• Tasker, Automagic and Locale support (advanced and fully customizable action plugins).

• Designed completely according to Google's Material Design guidelines and best practices in mind.

• Many of 'those little things', for example, application automatically detects the dominant color of an application icon / contact picture and preselects it for you.

• Fully supports all original Mi Band bracelets (including the white-only 1A version for which Mi Band Tools automatically adjusts the user interface to match the features supported by this bracelet version).

• Works on all Android versions from 4.3 to 6.0+

• Many and many more yet to come!





- Notification duplication work flow improvements

- Latest firmware minor adjustments


- Contact Groups support (set incoming call notifications for groups as well as for individual contacts)

- Improved protocol compatibility for various combinations (you can now use any firmware together with any Mi Fit version you want)

- Time-zone independent configuration

- Power Nap automatically ensures that bluetooth is on


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