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DarkStockTheme RRO Layers v1.1.6

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DarkStockTheme RRO Layers v1.1.6

Requirements: 5.0+

Overview: What if we had the option to select a Dark Theme in stock android? Well.. surely would like similar to this. ;)




Themed elements:


-AOSP Contacts** ;

-AOSP Dialer;

-AOSP Keyboard;

-AOSP Launcher;


-Documents/Download UI;


-Google Chrome;

-Google Contacts** ;

-Google Dialer;

-Google Keep;

-Google Keyboard;

-Google Hangouts;

-Google Inbox;

-Google Launcher/Now;

-Google Mail;

-Google Messenger;

-Google Play Music;

-Google Play Store;

-Google Plus;

-Google Translate;

-Nova Launcher's searchbar;

-Package Installer;








- Updated Google Play Store logo;

- Added Google Plus;

- Added Google Inbox;

- Added different styles for notifications (StockNotifications style fixes ambient display issues).

- (I added a link for themeable contacts zip for Marshmallow in description, it fixes the black text of contacts. Earlier there was only for Lollipop) -

Uninstall all the layers previously installed , then install new ones,because I renamed few layers. Otherwise, you would have doubles that could create issues.


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More Info:


Download Instructions: by me!  B)


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