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MAGPIE - Layers Theme v13.0

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MAGPIE - Layers Theme v13.0

Requirements: 5.0 +

Overview: -Fully supports 2nd M Developer Preview






1. Make sure you have the latest beta of Layers Manager ( 4.4.0b3 + )


2. Open Layers Manager -> Uninstall Overlays -> Select All -> Remove all Overlays -> Reboot


3. Clear Data of Layers Manager ( Dont worry your downloaded Themes will still there )


4. Open Layers Manager -> Settings -> Turn on "Hide unnecessary Overlays"


5. Open Magpie Theme -> Choose any apps you want to get themed -> Hit the FAB to apply ( MAKE SURE you choose ONLY ONE Framework depending on your Android Version. FrameworkForM is for Marshmallow Roms )


6. Pick a Syle -> Base Theme is now TimberWolf Theme


7a. Reboot and enjoy? or if you want more colors go to 7b.


7b. Open MagpieTheme -> Choose ONE Accent Color, ONE Primary Color and ONE Background Color OR Choose ONLY ONE Theme.


8. Reboot and enjoy!




1. Open MagpieTheme -> Choose ONE Accent Color, ONE Primary Color and ONE Background Color. OR Choose ONLY ONE Theme.


2. Go to Uninstall Overlays -> Remove previous MagpieTheme TheColor Accent, Primary and Background OR MagpieTheme TheColors Theme.


3. Reboot


-Please READ the list of Themed Apps CAREFULLY!


General Theme :


- Custom SystemUI Icons

- Google Velvet White Icons

- Two Column Settings

- AOSP and Google Keyboard Background

- Settings Card

- SystemUI Styles

- TheColors Accent

- TheColors Background

- TheColors Primary

- Theme Dark


Themed Apps:


- AOSP and Google Calculator

- AOSP and Google Contacts ( cant be made Translucently )

- AOSP and Google Desk Clock ( for Notification only ) 

- AOSP and Google Dialer ( cant be made Translucently )

- AOSP and Google Keyboard

- AOSP and Google Package Installer

- AOSP Launcher3

- AOSP MMS ( please note if you have white on white, kindly ask your rom devs to include commits by +David Wilson )

- Cellbroadcast Receiver

- DocumentsUI

- Framework ( please note, choose only ONE framework, FrameworkForM for Marshmallow )

- Google Drive

- Google Hangouts ( choose ONE ONLY )

- Google Hangouts Theme Ready ( choose ONE ONLY )

- Google Inbox

- Google Keep

- Google Gmail

- Google MMS

- Google Play Services

- Google Play Music

- Google Play Store

- Google Plus ( choose ONE ONLY )

- Google Plus Theme Ready ( choose ONE ONLY )

- Google Now Launcher ( Velvet )

- Kernel Adiutor

- Layers Manager

- Lock cLock

- Media Provider

- Phone

- Screener

- Settings

- Slim Launcher

- SlimOTA ( use for OTA update in many custom roms )

- SuperSU

- SystemUI

- Telecom

- WhatsApp


List of Styles:


- Base Translucent ( Base Translucent is now Vermilion Theme )

- Base Theme ( Base Theme is now TimberWolf Theme )

- Base Light Theme ( Base Light is now AEON Theme )

- Inverted Material

- Inverted Translucent

- Clean White [WIP] [Marshmallow only]


Known Major Bugs:


- Translucent Inbox force close on custom ROMs. It works fine on marshmallow stock rom.

- Translucent Google Play Services Fcs



Ver 13.0

Updated for the latest Layers Manager ver 4.4.0b3

Merge TheColors into MagpieTheme

Make Dejan's Toast as default toast

Only Base Theme is updated and completed

Ver 12.1

Fix Dialer fc.


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download InstructionsBy me!  :roll:


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