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Russian Class v1.03

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Russian Class v1.03

Requirements: 1.6 +

Overview: Gain a mastery of Russian!

Russian Class offers a complete offline Russian course, together with interactive verb, vocabulary, grammar and listening exercises.




Great support when you learn Russian. Easy to practice your verb conjugations, vocabulary, grammar and phrases with.


This full course contains 5 Russian language lessons covering the following content:

* All tenses, with all irregular verb forms highlighted

* 4000+ words, sorted into different categories such as food, transport and vacation

* 40 grammar articles, covering all Russian Grammar

* 200 useful phrases


And the following features:

* Highly customizable exercises on all of the above, with a fun awards system which makes practicing fun, with separate awards for the vocabulary, verbs, grammar, listening and speaking exercises.

* Keeping track of your progress by saving statistics and summaries of all done exercises, together with errors made.


The first strength of this app is the extended content. No other Russian course app offers this much for the same price. 

The other strength lies in its fun, addictive and useful exercises.


The app also offers audio for all the vocabulary and useful phrases, but in order to enable this permanently, a voice needs to be bought from the third-party voice provider Svox. However, a free trial of this voice is enable for one month. When the voice is installed and enabled, an additional listening exercise becomes available as well.


If you are serious about learning Russian, this app is for you.



Writing exercise improvements.

Design update: please meet Helena and her owl.


This app has no advertisements


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