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Atomic Arcade Pinball Machine v1.7

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Atomic Arcade Pinball Machine v1.7

Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview: Retro 80s arcade nostalgic! Atomic Arcade Pinball Machine: An accurate recreation of the 80's popular home pinball machine "Atomic Arcade Pinball".




Made by Tomy and variations by other manufacturers and played by millions of children and parents at the time. Everything from the retro sounds, retro graphics and performance have been simulated. Recreated by the same developers that brought you other classics like Astro Wars and Galaxy Invader. Some minor changes have been added, for example, you do not need to reload the ball with a wheel as you did on the original machine - its now automatic. Also you can choose the background sound from the original (and annoying) motor noise to some electro music or disable the sound completely.

To play, press and release the launcher.

Use left and right orange flipper buttons to keep the ball in play.

When you run out of 3 balls, press "RESET" to reset the score and start with 3 balls again.


* Just like the original 80s pinball machine

* Totally nostalgic

* Accurate simulation

* Easy to play


1.7: Improved Physics and Flipper control


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