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Firefox OS v2.5 Preview

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Firefox OS v2.5 Preview

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: The Firefox OS 2.5 Preview is essentially a launcher than you can install with a simple APK.




The launcher also comes with several system level applications; such as calls, messaging, email and even an app store; to give you a more complete feel for what Firefox OS 2.5 is like. Don’t worry about having to make a major commitment though, all of your other apps will continue to work as before.


Experience Firefox OS on your Android device

Introducing Firefox OS 2.5 Preview, an experimental app that lets you to use Firefox OS on your Android device.


The Web is the platform

Firefox OS is the first truly open mobile platform built entirely on Web technologies. If you can build for the Web using HTML and CSS, you can build Firefox OS.


The most customization

Make Firefox OS your own with apps and add-ons from the Firefox Marketplace, and keep all your favorite items front and centre with Pin the Web.


The most control

From Do Not Track to Private Browsing with Tracking Protection, Firefox OS is designed keep you in control of your browsing activity.


This app has no advertisements


More Info:'>>

Download Instructions:




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as far as i know is that when this OS came out on a device it was a total failure,a disaster of OS,and as far as i can tel it looks more like an iOS than an android,i bought an android device coz i like android,why would i flash on my device an OS iPhone like ? was much easier to just buy an iPhone for that,not to talk about the tech that is old in all iPhone (now less the cpu) and is waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind all the android devices,so i never understood the need to make for android something similar to iOS,but don't get me wrong,is just my opinion and my thoughts

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