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Blacked Out! ★ - CM12/12.1/13 v107

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Blacked Out! ★ - CM12/12.1/13 v107

Requirements: 5.0+

Overview: Blacked Out now supports CM13/mm6.0 installs!





Welcome to the first and original dark UI available for the CyanogenMod 12 Theme Engine. This theme is perfect for those on AMOLED displays, energy efficient and is also a stylistic preference.



The theme has been updated to the latest commits for January 29th. If your Settings is not themed properly, you NEED to update your ROM. This theme updates a couple times a week with better improvements and features.


For direct contact with the team, please join our Google+ community! We're not scary!: 



- MAINTAINER: This theme is maintained by Nicholas, email/xda link is linked below. 

- SUGGESTION: Once you apply the theme. Perform a reboot! Any FC's, just reboot again.

- SUGGESTION: If you want to learn how to theme, check out my thread: 2-t3006339 

- SUGGESTION: If you are on a ROM with an icon that is not themed inside Settings, email me.



- POPULAR: SystemUI/Notification Drawer not themed? This is a CM12 problem. Follow these instructions to fix: thanks to Manuel and Will.

- REQUEST: Any other bugs, contact me (Nicholas) directly. Do not leave a bad rating if your bug is easily solvable.

- WARNING: All poor hate ratings with no given reason will be reported to Google immediately.


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More Info:

Download Instructions:


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