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Star Wars â„¢: Galactic Defense v2.2.0 [Mod]

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Star Wars â„¢: Galactic Defense v2.2.0 [Mod]

Requirements: 2.3+/Root

Overview: Your tactical knowledge and real time decision-making will be stretched to the limit as you embark on a journey to defend a galaxy far, far away in the exciting tower defense mobile game, Star Warsâ„¢: Galactic Defense.




You must creatively coordinate your defenses and utilize powerful champions, including Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, to devastate waves of enemy attacks as you fight both light and dark side battles. The placement and execution of these defenses are do-or-die decisions in both single player mode and online social events where you can earn rewards with rare bonuses.


Battles span interactive Star Warsâ„¢ locations including Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, Geonosis, Felucia and Kashyyyk. Traverse 120 different battle scenarios, experience a mix of elements across all six movies spanning prequel and classic eras, and employ the skills of over 60 different iconic Star Wars champions as you battle for control of the universe in a tower defense experience like no other.


Do you have what it takes to defend the galaxy? Download and play for FREE today!



•Battle for the Light Side and Dark Side – Experience gameplay from both sides of the Force. In order to traverse the galaxy, you must fight on both the light and dark side. Champions on each side will deliver distinct advantages, fostering exciting and strategic ways to play.


•Command Star Wars Champions – Bring up to three iconic Star Wars heroes into battle. Each champion possesses special skills and affinities requiring tactical decisions to be made to emerge victorious in battle.


•Experience Challenging Levels – A wide range of planets with diverse levels ensure the action is never the same with regular game updates that grant the opportunity to earn powerful upgrades, bonuses, and legendary Star Wars Champions. 


•Level and Upgrade – Champions will be your greatest assets on the battlefield. Make them perform to the best of their abilities by leveling up and unlocking critical skill trees to successfully hold strategic positions against incoming enemies.


•Connect with Friends – Don't take to the galaxy alone; connect with your friends, exchange resources, or compete in online events to earn your spot at the top of the leaderboard.


Hacks :

1. High Damage

2. 1 Hit Kill (Hero and Tower)

3. Enemy attack always missed


Installation :

1. download playstore version and overwrite with this mod apk.

2. u must rooted to disable apk signature, so u can overwrite mod apk over the original playstore and connect to your google account. Follow the link below to see how.. u must do this or it will not work.


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More Info:


Download Instructions:


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