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World of Warriors v1.11.0 (Mods)

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World of Warriors v1.11.0 (Mods)

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: Journey through the Wildlands! World of Warriors is an epic adventure and combat strategy game. Recruit a team of incredible Warriors to fight Boneshaker and his army of minions!




PLEASE NOTE! World of Warriors is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.


Fight, Train and Upgrade your Team in the epic World of Warriors!


5/5 “There is nothing quite like World of Warriors in mobile gaming todayâ€


5/5 “Beautiful artwork, an immersive and well thought-out game world, accessible gameplay with a real layer of strategic depth and planning... World of Warriors has it all.â€






- Stunningly beautiful 3D graphics, award winning sound design and AAA production values and polish.

- Recruit an incredible team based on 100's of historically accurate real-life warriors.

- Unleash incredible special attacks on your hapless opponents.

- Battle through the Wildlands to defeat the evil Boneshaker and his legion of minions and lieutenants.

- Collect materials and craft powerful Talismans to tip the tides of battle in your favor.

- Train and Upgrade your Warriors to unlock the true potential and power of your team.

- Daily and Weekly events to take part in.

- Compete against others for rare and exclusive prizes.



Hi Warriors!

The Western door has finally opened; you can now summon exclusive warriors from this door with Warrior Stones!

Warrior Stones are collected by summoning Battle Twins, competing in the Arena and the Tower, and boosting a Warrior in the Home Camp.

Boosting allows you level up your army by transferring the XP to the warrior you want to level up! Sacrificing warriors is the best way of earning Warrior Stones to summon more Special warriors from the Western Door!

Let battle commence!



1. Wild stone, Honor stone, Gold inscrease when used

2. Stamina freezes at 10.

3. God Mode 

4. Massive Attack

5. Most talisman don't decrease

6. Craft Material don't decrease

7. Upgrade Warrior Material don't decrease


This app has Chartboost, Tapjoy advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:




Money/God Mode/


Money/God Mode/Massive Attack



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I installed the money/god mode and was shopping for potions when I got stopped by support. 

I believed they have anti-ban in place for modders/hackers.

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