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Ace Charge v1.0.5

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Ace Charge v1.0.5

Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview: Ace Charge is a unique mobile charging tool that can greatly increase your battery life span and avoid early battery ageing.




By using Ace Charge you will improve your battery lifespan and capacity at the hardware level without the hassle of removing Apps, disabling services or using battery saving mode. Ace Charge makes it easy to follow professionally recommended charge cycles to extend your battery's life span and capacity.


Professional Charging


According to ion-lithium battery specialists’ an incorrect charging sequence is the main reason for ageing batteries unlike many available apps which focus on how the battery is used. Ace Charge is the missing link to charging your phone correctly without the hassle. The included charging profiles automate the recommended sequences to best suit your phone.


Ace Charge is made to protect your phone from becoming overcharged. This is the only available app in the market which safeguards your phone battery at the hardware level. No other app completely disconnects your device from power when charging is completed, or gives you control over your charging cycle. Ace Charge is designed to work with Belkin WeMo and WeMo insight switches to protect your phone or tablet from overcharging and overheating.


Supported power switch devices:


- Belkin WeMo

- Belkin WeMo Insight

- Request more!




Night Mode - Charge while you sleep


Express Mode - Customize charge profiles


Trickle Charge - Safely trickle charge your battery


This app has no advertisements


More Info:'>>

Download Instructions:



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