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Resolution Changer v1.4 patched

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Resolution Changer v1.4 patched

Requirements: 4.2 and up 

Overview: Requires ROOT and at least Android 4.2 (or 4.3 to support overscan)

This tool gives you the ability to change your screen resolution, density (DPI) and overscan.

Why do I need to change my resolution?





You want to adjust your screen resolution to fit your TV or External Monitor which is connected to your HDMI output to get rid off the black bars? With Resolution Changer, you can set your resolution to fit perfectly to the external monitor.

Additionally, with the HDMI Auto Resolution feature enabled, your device will detect your external HDMI Monitor and sets the screen resolution and density automatically to a chosen preset.

With overscan set, you can adjust your screen output padding to match excatly the External Monitor.


You are developing apps and you want to test your app on different devices? Just use a device preset or create your own one to simulate the screen resolution and density of every possible device.


Your device is too slow for the latest games? Just change the resolution to a lower one and enjoy your games with a higher framerate.


If the device has problems with a choosen resolution, the default one will be restored after some seconds. Some apps like the launcher or the keyboard might not always scale correctly with every resolution.

The application is still restricted to the technical conditions of the device. That means, you wont be able to choose a resolution your device is not capable of displaying.

 What's New

XGA Preset added


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