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Legions of Steel v1

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Legions of Steel v1

Requirements: Android 4.3

Overview: The Empire of the Machines is threatening the entire universe. The League of Aliens and the U.N.E. (United Nations of Earth) have banded together to defend the galaxy from the invader. Battles are raging everywhere, but it is inside the twisting corridors of the Machines underground production facilities, that the tactical upper hand is taken. And the war is won.




Originally designed by Clark Browning, Marco Pecota and Derrick Villeneuve, Legions of Steel is a tactical board game where players fight battles in a dark and dangerous environment. French Developer Studio Nyx have managed to re-create the deep and challenging set of rules, while adding slick 3D models, a clever and accessible UI and a load of new features.


Turn-based tactical firefights


Each unit has its own skills and characteristics. It comes with its own set of weapons and abilities making the game deep and complex for experienced players, yet simple and approachable for novices.


Electronic Warfare (Fog of War)


A game mode on its own, Electronic Warfare is an option players decide to activate and which completely changes the game into a whole different experience. All maps are playable in Electronic Ware mode


Tactical Options


Players can choose from a host of available firing options

The Advanced Covering Fire options allow for very precise control on what your units do during opponent’s turn

Grenades! Used to unlock gridlocked situations, players can throw them around corners without getting exposed. These are also used by the Machines to create smoke cover

Leadership points are a very limited resource used to “break†the common rules. Players will use them to add more actions (movement, fire), increase the odds when firing, or even dodge bullets during opponent’s turn.


Initiative Roll


Each map calls for an initiative roll at the beginning of the turn. Leadership can be spent to influence the roll. The winner of the roll chooses who starts to play the turn. This system breaks the linearity of turn-by-turn games. Which player is going first is always unknown.


Suspense above all


Radar detection and echoes add suspense to the gameplay. Every move is a thrill


More numbers!


2 playable factions with their own units and equipment

2 Single player campaigns in an immersive setting

15 scenarios for single player or multiplayer




Play with friends online through asynchronous, cross-platform multiplayer using Slitherine’s PBEM++ server or offline using familiar hotseat mode


Minimum requirements:

- Your device must support OpenGL ES 3

- Your device must run Android 4.3


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:





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