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iOKAY v2.1

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iOKAY v2.1

Requirements: 4.0 and up 

Overview: Your parents call you in inappropriate times? Ask all the time where are you?

Now you do not need to stop enjoying your night just to say to your parents that is all ok with you.




The iOkay came to end these problems. Now, just a click to say that all is well. In addition, the iOkay also allows you to send your location (if you want), custom messages, phone calls and emergency announcements, all in just 3 buttons, with 6 different functions (push or hold) and an automatic message, which warns your parents or friends that the battery is running out and that is everything okay with you.

Dont worry!

Use the iOKAY app and you will not forget to tell them that your battery is running low

Customize your ok and emergency messages, import contacts directly from your address book, enable low battery warning function and see the Help menu in the Preferences tab.

Safety and convenience for parents who care about their children and for the children who do not want to have to stop his free time to answer messages.

IOKAY is the first application designed to solve the communication problem and make it easier between parents, children and close friends in any situation avoiding unnecessary stress of both sides.

Show that you are ok with one click, fast and simply.

With just one click on green button:

You say to your parents that everything is ok with you.

The iokay app will send a message to your parents saying:

I am ok!

If you want to send your location:

Hold the green button (2 seconds) and your parents will receive your location with the msg:

I am ok! I am here : ( location google maps)

Use the yellow button to inform unforeseen like: I'll sleep out today!

The iOKAY also works as an powerful emergency tool because he don't need a 3g connection to work, he will work anywhere in the world.

You only need to touch one time the red button to ask for help to your parents or friends.

The iOKAY will send a message with your location on google maps to your registered contacts(parents or friends) with the words: I need help!

Hold the red button for 2 seconds to directly call 911 (police)

It is possible to change the emergency phones (911) on the tab settings.

Win a night without stress for both sides

More security for you and more peace of mind for your parents

 What's New

- Novo design!

- Novo icone.

- Novas funções

- Agora enviamos o endereço junto com a localização!


This app has NO advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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