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VIP Alert v2.21

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VIP Alert v2.21

Requirements: 2.2 - 4.4W 

Overview: Allows you to enter a list of VIP numbers (manually or via





 that are allowed to ring through even when your ringer is off. Silence your phone at bedtime, but still get calls, texts, or MMS messages from your kids. Silence it in a meeting, but still get calls, texts, or MMS messages from spouse, kids, or the boss. Click on the VIP to toggle on/off. Long press the VIP to delete.


NOTE for users of apps like GO PRO and others that interact with SMS messages: Some of these applications block other apps from acting on SMS messages. For this reason, VIP Alert would not receive the SMS, and you would not be alerted. As of version 2.0.3, if VIP Alert is installed earlier than the other apps, it should be able to coexist with these apps. You may need to uninstall the other app and reinstall it.

 What's New

Removed from store for version 5.0 (issues).

Added an optional feature where if a number calls multiple times within a short period of time, it will ring through even if it is not on the VIP list. You can set the time period and the number of calls. This is off by default.


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