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StorageManager - StockManager v3.2

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StorageManager - StockManager v3.2

Requirements: 3.0 and up 

Overview: Manage your stock with a smartphone or tablet as easy as never before. Add Products with input or just over the integrated barcode-scanne




Customers, suppliers and your own company data can be added or edited straightforward. Arrivals and outgoings of products can handle effortless. The order module allows adding or editing customer orders. The invoices can printed out (over WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and more..) or over email directly sent to the customer. If the stock of a product is running out, you can make comfortable a purchse order by the given supplier. The purchase order can printed out or sent over email directly to the supplier. When you have to make an inventory, you can easily count the current stock with the stocktaking list and after with assistance of the printed barcodes compare it with the stock in the app. Furthermore are a lot of different lists available like productlist, inventory differences, stock movements and so on. The lists can be printed out or sent over email. Export / import the products as .csv. This app includes also a backup function, which provides you to backup your warehouse management in one single file. A lot of different settings make this app very user-specific. There are settings like currency, rounding rules, taxes a many more.



The products can be divided and filtered in different categories. Request simply the orders, purchase orders or stock movements of a given product.



An arrival product can booked with or without an existing purchaseorder.



To add a outgoing product, you can insert the product directly over typing, selecting the product from the product list or just scanning over the integrated barcode scanner.



With the order module you do have the possibility to add or edit complete customer orders. In order to save, the stock movements added automatically to the included products.

Purchase Order


If one or more products are running out of stock, make a purchase order by a specific supplier. As soon as they arrive you can book the arrivals directly with no effort on the given product.



In case of an inventory, you can easily count the current stock with the stocktaking list and after with assistance of the printed barcodes compare it with the stock in the app. The meanderings are shown of the inventory differences list.



This app include a collection of different lists. For example the productlist, procurementlist, purchaseorder, customer and so on.

Customer / Supplier


Manage your customers and suppliers with a variety of different attributes.

Products Import / Export


Edit your products easily on a desktop computer with the .csv import / export.



Backup your warehouse management in one single file in a few seconds.

Tutorial & HowTo's


 What's New

- bug fixes


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