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Semper: Learn Effortlessly v4.6.642

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Semper: Learn Effortlessly v4.6.642

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Imagine if you could learn anything without changing your routine. Introducing Semper.




★★★★½ "Of all the many educational apps on Google Play, this is one of the best." — CNET


Every time you unlock your phone or open your favorite apps, you get a short language, math or knowledge puzzle - just slide the right answer to solve it! With our effortless method, you can double your math skills in 2 weeks and memorize vocabulary faster than with any other app, scientifically proven!


"Everything about this ingenious app, from its laid-back, beautifully styled interface to the pronunciation feature for every word make it a great piece of software." — Yahoo! News


Semper’s effortless microlearning method makes it easy to:

• Learn vocabulary in 51 languages with over 2,500 expert-made language packs

• Create and learn from your own custom content (language, math, trivia, knowledge) at https://create.unlockyourbrain.com

• ...and much, much more!



From languages to trivia to math, Semper’s microlearning method integrates learning into your daily life in the most convenient and effortless way possible.

• Choose from 51 foreign languages, math exercises, knowledge packs, trivia or create your own!

• Prepare for tests like the SAT, GRE, GMAT or ACT

• Learn at your own pace with puzzles optimized by our mind-training algorithm

• Track your learning habits with personalized statistics


"I tried everything to learn languages - Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Babbel, Memrise - but I just couldn't stick with them. They disappeared into my phone. Semper is the only app that keeps me on track towards learning more languages." - Hannes Petersen, Germany



Every time you activate your phone or open an app, a microlearning puzzle appears (math, languages, knowledge, trivia) - just slide the correct answer to unlock your phone or open the app (you can always skip the question if you’re in a hurry, of course!). Learning becomes as effortless as breathing - you don’t even realize it’s happening.



The University of Potsdam proved that Semper’s microlearning method is much more efficient than conventional learning methods (http://bit.ly/uyb-validation). Research shows that the most efficient way to learn is with small units spread out over the day. Whether you’re learning a new language, improving your math skills or honing your knowledge, Semper’s microlearning method is guaranteed to help reach your learning goals.



Learn any of these languages: 

• French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch and Russian + 100s of user-made language packs in over 50 languages

Double your math speed in 14 days: 

• Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication


Learn trivia with knowledge packs covering following categories: 

• Art, Literature, Music, Film, Science, Technology, Mathematics, Languages, Social Sciences, History, Politics, Economics, Sociology, Standardized Tests, Shortcuts, Leisure, Sports, and much, much more!





Now supporting Korean ^^ and some regular improvements.

Thank you very much for your feedback and questions on http://support.getsemper.com/ !


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Guest latinboy

awwwe thank you so much installing in my macbook air

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