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Work Task Tracker v1.2

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Work Task Tracker v1.2

Requirements: 4.0 and up 

Overview: Work Task Tracker provides a simple, easy to use interface to track tasks in detail.

Particularly useful when used in conjunction with ticketing systems that require you to enter time (in minutes) for each task, it can also be used to provide a report of what was worked on and for how long.




The focus is to allow quick and easy switching between different tasks in dynamic and fast paced environments where rough estimates by the hour are too inaccurate.

A notification will show you how much time you spent on the current task. You can also easily review tasks for the current day (or past days), locate "missing" time and create tasks from it. You can also mark tasks as "idle" time (lunch for example) to ensure that all time is accounted for.

The application also provides a very quick an easy way to email the day's tasks, including setting an standard email address for quick sending. You can choose whether missing time and idle tasks are included in the report.

You can quickly select from the 10 previous tasks to enable quick switching between tasks. You can also use speech to text to input tasks more easily.

Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

 What's New

Ver 1.2

Revamped the look of the task list interface. Will eventually combine the logging

and view interface.

Ver 1.1

Added the ability to set start time to end of last task.

Also note that leaving any time blank is equivalent to current time.


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