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Dual SIM Control v6.0 Patched

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Dual SIM Control v6.0 patched

Requirements: 4.0 and up 

Overview: This app is designed only for Dual SIM phones (not all dual sim phones will be compatible - please check first with the free version before buying)

If your phone is not compatible, you'll have to wait for me to implement some alternative methods to handle things (giving bad rating won't speed things up).




Check the application FAQ available at the website for more information:


Do not install before reading and understanding everything written after this notice

If the free version don't work in your phone the paid won't work either.

Some features only work with some phones. Ask first in the Google+ Community if you have doubts about your phone compatibility.

Controlling a Dual SIM phone becomes easy and flexible, visit the Google+ Community to get to know the new features, work in progress and share with others how you're using this applications. Follow this link

Main features

- Widget icons customization

- Widgets (1X1, 2X1 and 3X1) to select/toggle the options included (color of the widget reflect the SIM settings):

* Active SIMs (slot 1, slot 2, both or none)

* Data connection management (SIM 1, SIM 2 or disabled)

* SIM slot with the 3G/4G enabled

* Preferred SIM for phone calls (SIM 1, SIM 2 or ask)

* Preferred SIM for sending SMS (SIM 1, SIM 2 or ask)

* Network mode (GSM, WCDMA/LTE or auto)

- Rules to decide what SIM is used to call a number (contact groups, USSD and country codes support)

- Integration with Tasker actions

- Integration with Tasker conditions (SIM states, data connection state, SIM roaming, no network signal)

- Integration with Tasker events (incoming call, incoming SMS)

- API to integrate with other apps or your own application (only available on the paid version)

- Widget icons customization

Dual Sim Control offers unique ways to control a Dual SIM phone, since you can change a SIM state without having to know if the other SIM should be active or not (especially important if doing it from Tasker).

Greetings for the app contributors

Linda vZP - Early support to test new features and test the 3G active SIM

Иван Калашников - Call Rules debug and tester

Combrig - Russian translation

Вячеслав - Russian translation

@franzmueller46 - German translation


If some of the toggles don't work for you, please let me know.

Selecting the active 3G/4G slot depends on the actual phone hardware, so it shouldn't work in all Phones... please don't give bad rating if it doesn't works for you.

This app only works with some phones, I can't make a compatible and/or incompatible list since I only have a couple of phones to test - that's why I have a free version, so that people can try before buying.

 What's New


- New Material Design layout

- Call rules can change the default SIM used for phone calls

- Improvement on the mechanism used to implement the call rules

- Compatibility with some Android 5.1

- Cyanogenmod 12.1 support (some advanced features are still being developed)

- Cyanogenmod 12.1 nightlies Notification Bar Tiles support (activate in app settings)

- Logs more verbose (activate only if necessary)


This app has NO advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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