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Shuttle+ Music Player v1.5.10-RC1

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Shuttle+ Music Player v1.5.10-RC1

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Shuttle+ Music Player is a simple, lightweight and powerful music player for Android. Featuring a built-in equalizer, lyrics, folder browsing, sleep timer, gapless playback, artwork downloading and a clean, fresh Google Now style interface, Shuttle is the music player of choice for your Android device.





Shuttle+ includes folder browsing, tag editing, Chromecast support and additional themes not available in the free version.

**Note: Due to changes in Kitkat, tag editing is no longer possible for files stored on the SD card on Android 4.4+**

Follow me on Google+ to keep up to date with the latest changes, and for beta testing opportunities.


Features include:


- Folder browsing

- Folder whitelist

- Playlists, batch add, swipe to remove, drag 'n drop

- Blacklist individual songs

- Enqueue songs to play next

- Sleep timer

- Chromecast support

- Lockscreen controls (ICS+)

- Notification controls (Honeycomb+)

- Jelly Bean notification controls

- Kitkat lockscreen controls

- Gapless playback (Jelly Bean+)

- Optimised layout for phones and tablets

- Highly customizable widgets

- Headset button controls

- Album & artist artwork downloading 

- Optional 'Google Now' style cards UI

- Gesture support (swipe to change track, swipe to remove from playlist, drag n drop playlist items etc.)

- Loads of holo style dark and light themes

- Tag editing (no longer available for files stored on the SD card on Android 4.4 (Kitkat)

- Scrobbling via Simple Last.FM Scrobbler

- Lyrics search via MusiXmatch & embedded lyrics

- Voice search & Google Now voice command support

- 6 band equalizer with bass boost & DSP manager support

- Fresh, modern & relevant Holo style cards UI throughout the app


Upcoming features:

- Car mode

- Compilation album sorting (sort by album-artist)






Added support for Android 23 Marshmallow

Moved 'shuffle all' button from settings menu to above 'songs' list

Fast scroller / alphabet indexer now respects sort order

Shuffle all now respects whitelist/blacklist

Rewrote search. Fixed issue where no results showed up. Made

Search open instantly on click.

Added search word highlighting (thanks Andrew Neal)

Show voice search query in search view

Major folder browser work. Go see for yourself!

Added a 'snackbar' asking you to rate the app. Shown for 15 seconds on the 10th, 50th, 100th, 150th, etc. time you launch the app. This will never show again if you click 'rate it' (you don't have to leave a rating)

Added option to tint navigation bar

Dark themed changelog!!

Fixed whitelist checkbox padding issue

Reduced APK size from ~7.5mb to ~5.0mb!

Sorting overhaul

Added sorting options to 'detail' activity

Added Wake Lock permission request on Marshmallow - wake locks are required for Shuttle to run (the MusicService needs to be awake to play music, among other things)

Updated the item selection ripple animation

Updated the dialog for deleting multiple artists, albums or songs (thanks Andrew Neal)

Updated the changelog to include this message (Meta)

Updated launcher icon (thanks Rink)

Re-added close button pre-lollipop

Moved settings menu to drawer.

Added bluetooth 'resume on connect' option. Like headset, probably doesn't work unless Shuttle is already running.. TBC

Removed support for API versions below Jellybean

Various UI tweaks in accordance with Material Spec

Background service timeout increased from 1 to 5 minutes

Previous button added to notification. Swipe when paused to dismiss.

Playlists moved to collapsible heading in drawer

Re-added 'remove from playlist' option


Updated translations

Added option to cancel artwork downloads from notification

Updated playlist view. Fixed issue where playlist items couldn't be removed

Fixed issue where moving items in list caused a momentary flicker

Scan library option has been removed. This literally did nothing. You can now scan files via the folder browser.



Major performance improvements. Increased number of concurrent background tasks

Artwork downloading fixes & improvements. No more >100% downloads.

Flattened the view hierarchy for lots of ListView items. (General performance improvement)

Fixed several memory leaks


General Fixes

Fixed issue where tapping playlist items wouldn't play them

Fixed off-by-one when using multi-selector for playlists

Fixed some delay issues when hitting play/pause

Fixed issue where tapping a song would play a song several places above

Fixed issue where 'now playing' artwork was blank when launching app

Fixed issue where playing indicator didn't update when track changes

Fixed a couple of cursor leaks

Fixed dialog background color issues

Fixed issue where tabs would get cut off

Fixed issue where artwork wouldn't update from the tag editor


Crash Fixes

Fixed Chromecast crash

Fixed playlist shuffle crash & playlist slideshow crash

Fixed 'set as ringtone' crash on pre Marshmallow

Fixed several network crashes

Fixed several folder browser crashes

Fixed search crash

Fixed a crash occurring when attempting to play songs

Fixed a crash when trying to rename a folder

Fixed several tag editing crashes

Fixed an equalizer crash

Fixed crash when attempting to open 'recently played' list

Fixed a bunch of crashes to do with sorting

Fixed a crash when trying to save an auto-generated playlist as m3u

 Fixed a navigation drawer crash

Tons of various unspecified crash fixes


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