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Scrolling Capture-Smart Roller v1.15

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Scrolling Capture-Smart Roller v1.15

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up

Overview: The First in the World! Auto Scrolling Screen Capture for Android ! 




The First in the World !


Auto Scrolling Screen Capture for Android ! 


Web browser, Messenger(IM), twitter, facebook, SMS, call history, phone book, etc... 


All application (App) Auto Scrolling Screen Capture !

* Without Rooting !!

* Requires a PC using MS Windows series. (Win2000, WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win9, Win10 ..)

* Install the Android USB driver on your PC.

  USB driver, home page of each manufacturer or

  You can easily install by UnityUsbDriverInstaller. http://spam.com/TBryoT


[ How to Guide ]


1. Run this app (SmartRoller) on your smartphone

   * Is generated "SDCARD/Smart Roller/SmartRollerForWndow.exe"

   * Download available on the WebSite http://spam.com/Mk5h51

2. You must enable "Usb Debugging" on your smartphone

   * Run this app (SmartRoller), set up in accordance with the instructions

3. Connect pc and phone (using a usb cable)

4. Run any program (App) on your smartphone

5. Run the SmartRollerForWindow.exe On Your PC, Start Scrolling Capture !!


[ Support ]


* Single Screen Capture

* Stop during Capture

* Save image format : png, jpg

* All Android versions, All Android Devices


[ Note ]


* Don't touch the screen during the capture


[ tags ]

capture all, pull page screen capture, Smartphone Scroll Capture, Screen Capture, Scrolling, Shot, ScreenShot


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