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Battle Fleet 2 v1.20 + Mod

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Battle Fleet 2 v1.20 + Mod

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: Welcome to the Pacific Admiral! Your mission is to select a fleet of warships, arm them by selecting their weapons, assign captains and destroy the enemy fleet. You'll have complete control of this mission, all the way down to what angle and how much power should be put into each shot. Battle Fleet 2 is at your command, Admiral!




Battle Fleet 2 is the radically improved sequel to the original and has kept the “Worms†/ “Scorched Earth†style angle+power mechanic, but now features full 3D modeling of terrain, ships, and ship hit locations. Hit the the engines and cripple the enemy's maneuverability, or aim for the command center and disable the ship for an entire turn. Ships are more realistic in which weapon compliments they can carry, and ship control is more intuitive. Battle Fleet 2 also now features Fog of War, allowing for stealth tactics and surprise attacks to be a viable strategy as well as adding the importance of using ships and aircraft for recon as well as attacks. With a full featured campaign and a variety of single play scenarios, Battle Fleet 2 will keep even the saltiest of sea-dogs satisfied. 


Feature List 

- Build your fleet from 5 different ship classes each with different hardpoint locations for mounting different weapons, different mobility, and different hit locations. 

- Use small caliber guns to pinpoint your shot and switch to devastating salvo mode, forcing all available guns to fire at the same location. 

- Equip your ships with a wide variety of weapons including AA guns, torpedoes, and different caliber naval artillery. 

- Utilize or neutralize bombers and recon planes launched from island bases, aircraft carriers, or cruisers. 

- Assign captains to each ship to determine the ship's turn order 

- Play the strategic campaign mode, random skirmish mode, full cross platform multiplayer, or even hotseat multiplayer. 

- Use recon to clear Fog of War and defeat enemy ground based airfields and coastal artillery.

- Deploy Strategic Command Cards to surprise your enemies with special actions like deploying mines, sabotage, enhanced aiming, airstrikes and more! 

- Battle Fleet 2 features full 3D models of US and Japanese WW2 era ships.


What's New 

- Full Atlantic Campaign: play as the Allies or Axis in historical or clean slate modes

- Troop Transports: required to conquer certain territories, add a whole new layer of strategy

- 10 New Single Battle and Multiplayer Maps modeled after real world Atlantic locations

- AI improvements: carriers & transports evade, better campaign AI

- Balance and stat tweaks

- Ship build limits at shipyards

- Bug fixes


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