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Autostart Pro (Event Finder) v1.2

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Autostart Pro (Event Finder) v1.2

Requirements: 2.3+ | ROOT

Overview: Autostart Pro enables you to take control of your apps.

Best event finder app for which application do behind your back.




Autostart Pro app to keep control your device automatically, it's means that, use this application to control on what application do behind your back, this app work as a event finder so use this application to you know which event is useful for you or not, otherwise disable it and speed up your device.


Your apps can register receivers for certain events. Some of these events include when your phone boots up, when your data connection changed, if you have Bluetooth enabled or you took a new picture. Autostart Pro lists all these receivers and allows you to disable them with a click of a button!

After you disable a broadcast receiver the app will no longer be able to know when that event takes place.


For example, if you disabled a receiver of Google app icon shortcut then that app icon won't create on home screen.


Disabling activities, services and receivers can cause some apps to no longer work properly. Please use this app with caution. There is a feature in the app to allow you to restore all the receivers to their default state.


Note: Root is required for this app to enable or disable receivers otherwise this app will be read-only.




V 1.2

- Add new feature

- Restore Default state of changed event.


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