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WhatAlert Premium v0.0.7

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WhatAlert Premium v0.0.7

Requirements: 2.3.3 and up

Overview: WhatAlert gives you an overview and alerts of the activity changes from the selected contacts.





- Online alert

- Profile image change alert

- Profile image log


You will receive a notification as soon as a contact is enabled by you, comes online on whatsapp.


* Profile images will be saved for you to browse trough.

* Calendar overview of activity


- No adds

- Unlimited push/alerts (5m interval)

- 15 Contacts

- 50 Images per contact

- Unlimited Online/Offline backlog


In doubt? try the free version first! Download Free version


When someone has set privacy settings so that the last line is not visible to contacts or others, then whatsapp will not send this data to anyone, so that includes What alert. However, you can use What Alert to find out if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp. For example, if you get notified with an online status from What alert but you see your contact not online at your own Whatsapp.


What's New

+ Vibrate add

+ Silent notifications (fixed)

+ Complete interface update.

+ Contact list bug fixed

+ Disable notifications (without deleting logs)

+ Last online overview

+ Time spend online per contact

+ Timezone fix

And much more.


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:




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Could someone please get the latest version of WhatAlert Premium which is version - It is now available in Play Store - this version (v0.0.7) of WhatAlert does not work anymore since WhatsApp has been updated.


Thanks in advance.



The following is from the WhatAlert Team I received on email.


Good morning,


As you might have noticed WhatAlert has some issues, the old app does not work anymore after the WhatsApp update.


We were working on a new app, faster, better, cleaner and nicer.. but that version is not done yet.


But the good news is : The new version works!


And the bad new is : Not on all devices


I need more time to get things sorted and perform beta tests to fix each bug/issue before i can put it back in the store.


If you are willing to help get this project up and running again please send me your Google Play-store email so i can invite you to our beta test group.


If you are mad because the app is not working at the moment take a deep breath and bare in mind that a project like this is not liked by the big company’s and will always have to fight to keep alive.



Putting bad reviews in the store just slows things down, does not speed up anything, if you want this project to return send a positive vibe and slam some stars on WhatAlert!



Your WhatAlert Team

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