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My Paid Apps v3.6.1

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My Paid Apps v3.6.1

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up

Overview: A simple list of all the apps, devices, music, in-app items etc. you've purchased in the Play Store. 




all those apps and games you had forgotten you had bought. Find out how much you've spent.


★ Lists apps, books, devices, in-app purchases - anything you've bought

★ Sums up what you've spent

★ Order by name, price or date bought

★ Export to CSV

★ Support for multiple google accounts

★ Installed apps are marked with green

★ See app name, icon, buy date, and price for each item

★ 100% free. Ads that can be disabled, if you don't care about supporting poor, struggling developers (*sob*). Donations are much appreciated!



The first time you run this app, it will ask for full permission to your Google account. This is unfortunately the only way to access the required information. No personal information is stored, no information about your apps is shared with the developer of this app, nor shared with any third parties. Everything is kept on your phone only.


Known bugs (that I'm working on):

• Every once in a while, the app may no longer work for you. The app works by accessing a Google website, and every once in a while, Google will show a password reminder or similar, instead of the actual page with your list of apps ( https://play.google.com/store/account?hl=en). Please try using the Login Fix menu item, if you're told your account has no paid apps.

• Android versions <4.0 does not show a loading spinner. Please be patient when clicking the update button, Gingerbread users!





- Fix: Apps before/after certain date not showing

- Fix: CSV exports showing "null"-lines

- Improvement: Improved currency locale picker (unusable locales removed)


- Fix: Refunded/cancelled apps not showing.

- Individual categories for apps with more than 1 in-app purchase.

- More colours!

- Various bug fixes.



This app has banner advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:




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