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Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS v3.12.2

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Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS v3.12.2

Requirements: 2.2 and up, ROOT, Modded Google Play

Overview: GPS outdoor navigation app that is packed with features. View topo maps offline, track your route, hunt geocaches, use a voice guide and do even more...




- Explore new places

- Download cycling and hiking maps for offline use

- Plan your geocaching adventure

- Save you favorite routes and places

- Save your battery with smart GPS system

- Import your own tracks and points

- Enjoy new and improved features every month

and much more

“There’s no question that Locus is an outstanding Android map app. It works as it should, the interface is clean, map selection is good, and feature set is solid. “

“This app is very impressive in terms of the amount of options, functions, maps and other cool stuff that it has to offer.”


AndroidPIT silver badge

Do you like hiking, cycling, running or backpacking? Or any other outdoor activity like backcountry skiing? Locus Map is for you. Download it for free today!

Most notable features of Locus Map:

➤ Online maps

- USGS, GSI, Openstreetmap, MapQuest, Visicom,, Turistautak, SHOCart, SmartMaps, Freemap, SledMap, Skoterleder, , Navigasi, Turaterkep, NzTopoMaps,, ChartBundle and more

- most of them are downloadable for offline viewing

- full WMS maps support

➤ Offline maps

- download online maps for offline use

- vector maps for drivers, hikers, cyclists and skiers - downloadable by in-app purchase

- supported formats: SQLite, TAR maps, MBT maps, GEMF, RMAP, Orux, SmartMaps

- create your own maps from OpenStreetMap data or custom themes

➤ Search

- for an address, coordinates, points of interests and local photos

- for local places with Google Places and Wikipedia

➤ Point of interest (POI) & Tracks

- handle unlimited number of Points of interests and tracks

create your own points of interests and tracks

organize to categories

import, export

➤ Geocaching

- use Geocaching Live! service and add-ons to get full offline experience when you search for caches

- waypoints, PocketQuery, trackables, spoilers supported

- Do you have Groundspeak premium membership? Enjoy unlimited support for You don’t have it? With Locus Map Free, Pro and its addons you can download 3 caches a day or import them from somewhere else.

➤ Track record

- record the way you want

- custom themes for maps – color changing with altitude or with speed

- support for ANT+ sensors

➤ Voice navigation & voice guide

- full support for Online voice navigation

- voice & notification guiding on single waypoint (by compass or on the map) and along the route

➤ Import/Export

- integration of GPS’s, Breadcrumbs, Trainingstagebuch, Street View, Google Earth and others

- KML, KMZ, GPX, OpenAir, DXF support


- smart GPS usage that saves your battery

- satellite screens with current weather situation

- GPS status notification

- Bluetooth GPS support

➤ Highly customizable

- set everything the way you want and need

➤ Integration of Google My Maps (reading and editing)

➤ Parking

➤ POI alert

➤ Fully customizable trip computer (dashboard)

➤ Ability to use apps like c:geo, Sygic, GPS status and others directly from Locus

➤ API for developers

➤ Try one of our existing 3rd party add-ons

- for geocaching: Geocaching4Locus, GeoGet database, GSAK database

- others: Augmented reality, Foursquare, etc.

Is cycling, hiking, running or backpacking your thing? You’ll love Locus Map!

Download the free version now or buy the PRO version to gain access to premium features.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.




Version 3.12.2


    add: GPSies - improved search options - name and track length

    chg: geocaching hint set to decrypted by default

    fix: problem with "accuracy" parameter in track recording

    fix: problem with guidance refresh when using point from Live map (GeoGet add-on)

    fix: refresh of GPS and track record buttons in panels when something changes in them

    fix: problem with suggestions in address search

    fix: problem with rotation of map when device does not have hardware compass

    fix: support for Street View application


Version 3.12.1


    chg: item purchase in Store with Terms of service now requires extra confirmation

    chg: "Show view" now always displays the real sensor value (especially during navigation)

    chg: request on centering is now made only during "Add new route" and "Track editing"

    chg: navigation computation types are now sorted for all services

    chg: improved bottom menu in point screen in case no "external feature" is available

    chg: doubled resolution of track previews

    chg: (PRO) improved map overlays. Moving the slider now makes the whole dialog transparent

    fix: preview of tracks in GPSies service

    fix: display of KMZ Ground overlays directly over "import" function

    fix: search of addresses in MapQuest

    fix: invisible number of found caches in geocaching logs

    fix: problem with lost via-points when user selected not to compute instructions

    fix: (PRO) crash in "Live tracking" service after start

    fix: incorrectly decrypted geocaching hint

    fix: problem with setting of track recording parameters in settings

    fix: login to RunKeeper service

    fix: direct import of zip files from email client

    fix: problem that user's selection of map scale from the main map screen was used in different places (like track preview, map previews in Store, etc.)

    fix: problem with request on map center after screen rotation

    fix: another attempt to fix problems with SmartMaps in rare cases

    fix: incorrectly downloaded tiles for Swiss topo hiking maps

    fix: problem with using new Munzee application for Munzee hunt

    fix: computation of OSRM tracks without navigation commands


Version 3.12.0


Main changes


    add: integration of service (menu > Web services)

    add: (PRO) Navigation – a new system of automatic recalculation, two options – route and point priority.

    chg: changes in style of maps sorting in "offline tab" of the map manager considering LoMaps (Locus vector maps)

    chg: improvement in style of bottom buttons in dialogs and some screens


Minor news and changes


    add: option to stop track recording directly from the system notification

    chg: (PRO) a lot of usability and UI improvements in On-board map calibrator

    chg: all fields supporting input of distance/speed values now support users units (mainly settings)

    chg: split of track now does not create a gap as before

    chg: (PRO) "add new wms" buttons moved to bottom "+" button

    chg: (PRO) massive change in WMS crs system to support custom crs mainly CRS:84 from NASA servers

    chg: removed bottom "more in store" button in the list of online maps

    chg: (PRO) improved track chart tab (mainly if you display the location of a trackpoint on chart from map)

    chg: added basic public support for GeoJSON import

    chg: centering confirmation dialog when some extra bottom panel is active (e.g. 'add new route')

    chg: correct download and import of files directly from web browsers


Various fixes


    fix: (PRO) problem with not working via-points after recalculation

    fix: problem with deleting of vector maps from SD card on Android 5.0+

    fix: issue with import of more complicated KML styles

    fix: issue in UI of color picker (mainly the small visible color button)

    fix: removing of downloaded empty HGT (zip) files

    fix: problem with rotation of track screen when saving recorded track

    fix: export of HRM values to TCX file

    fix: not working reverse guidance along track

    fix: old and new labels at selected point visible at once


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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