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AppLock Pro - Smart AppProtect 2 v3.16.2 MODS

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AppLock Pro - Smart AppProtect 2 v3.16.2 MODS

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: The elegant, lightest and most professional App Lock - Smart AppLock + with remove all unnecessary stuff.




Smart AppLock is a tool to lock apps you like, protect you from privacy leak!

With Smart AppLock, you are able to

☆ lock apps containing privacy content, such as photos, videos(Gallery), short messages(SMS or MMS) and call logs

☆ lock SNS apps

☆ lock Incoming Calls

☆ lock Wi-Fi toggle & Bluetooth toggle

☆ lock system settings, install/uninstall apps to keep phone away from being messed up by others or kids

☆ lock games and markets to prevent your kids from addicting in games or purchasing in markets without your knowing


----------- FAQ ---------

â–º How to prevent Smart AppLock being uninstalled by others?

Open Smart AppLock and go to "System Lock" page, then enable "Set as Device Admin". With this feature on, password is required to uninstall or force stop Smart AppLock, your privacy is safer now.


â–º How to uninstall Smart AppLock?

If you do not have "Set as Device Admin" enabled, you can uninstall Smart AppLock like you do to any other apps.

If you enabled "Set as Device Admin", please disable it first, then uninstall it normally.


â–º I forgot my password, how to retrieve it?

When you setup the password/pattern the first time, Smart AppLock will ask you to setup a Password Retrieve method: "Email Authentication" or "Question and Answer".

To retrieve password, try to unlock 3 times in any locking screen, then the "Forgot?" button will show. Tap the button to show Retrieve Password panel.

- a. For Email Authentication 

Tap "Request Authentication Number" button, the Auth Number will be sent to your auth mail address. Input the Auth Number to reset Password/Pattern.

- b. For Question and Answer

Input the answer to the question you setup before.


â–º Is Smart AppLock support iOS platform?

Yes, we have an iOS version "iAppLock" for iOS users, you can visit http://iapplock.thinkyeah.comto get the download or search "iapplock" in Cydia to install.(requires Jailbreaked iOS)


Special Features

• Multiple lock types such as Pattern Lock, PIN lock and Password Lock

• With AppLock home screen widget, one click to toggle lock status

• Custom lock screen style, custom lock screen background

• The lightest, least power and memory usage

• Advice you to lock related apps smartly, privacy has never been so safe

• Beautiful UI and easy to use

• No delay auto start after device reboots


What's New:


Support more languages.




• Pro version

• Completely remove Ads (Facebook/Google) 

• Completely remove Analytic (Fabric/Google)

• Completely remove Developer

• Completely remove Payment option (Alipay)

• Completely remove Rating (no more popup if u not rate or give -ve feedback)

• Completely remove Share option (Tencent/Facebook)

• Completely remove version check/update popup (manual or auto)

• Completely remove App promotion

• Remove service events (Ads,Promotion,Tracking)

• Remove big toast notification popup when unlock (look ugly to me)

• Remove All plugin (Google, Facebook, Alipay, Fabric, etc)

Reduce 1Mb from original file size


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions: 



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