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English Grammar Premium v4.0

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English Grammar Premium v4.0

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: This is the no advert version.





* Daily Question - opt in

* Fast games

* The answers

* Grammar Feedback - linked to web Search in your language.

* Grammar Feedback Games - practice your weak points!

* Improve your second language skill

* Test your grammar: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced.

* 700+ questions!

* Answers to quiz questions

* A Scoreboard: What's your score?

* Add a profile photo

* Send screenshots of your score on social media.

* Send a challenge question to a friend!


The daily question feature. You can receive a daily grammar question every morning as a notification. Click on the notification and you open a one question game. It is easy to opt in and out of this feature using the settings button.


The Feedback Games. Once you complete a general game you will be shown feedback. You can click on any feedback item to go to a feedback game. All the questions are on one point of grammar!


History. A record of your performance is kept on the history page. You can find a link on the start screen and at the bottom of the scrolling area of the feedback screen.




Who is this app for?

*International students - prepare for grammar tests, enjoy your hobby.

*Teachers - motivate your students to practice grammar.

*Tourists and business people - be more successful when communicating.

*Native-Speaking Children studying grammar - make it fun!

*People with learning disabilities - give special needs students more choices.







1. How does the game scoring work?

Correct answer: 1 point

Wrong answer: 0.33 points

Using the 'Correct Answer ' button: 0 points


2. How do I choose my level?

Try a harder level to challenge yourself.


3. How can I get the correct answers?

Click the answer button.


4. How can I get more questions?

More always coming...


5. What's the best way to learn a language?

The best way is to immerse yourself in the language. Read and listen to interesting things at your level, and try to find another student or native speaker to practice with. Also, use your time efficiently. Practice with your mobile device when you're waiting in lines or commuting by public transportation.


This app has no advertisements


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