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TJ.Hooker PRO - 4 Geocaching v2.2

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TJ.Hooker PRO - 4 Geocaching v2.2

Requirements: 3.0 and up

Overview: TJ.Hooker is an absolutely new way to organize your Geocaching - Contacts.

And WITH ONLY ONE CLICK you can choose exactly the right geocaching TelephoneJoker for the Cache you are searching for.




How often is it that one, as Geocacher, stands on a station or final of a cache, really looked everywhere and nevertheless did not make a find?


In this moment you might wish to get a hint or the information if the station was maybe "muggeled". In the ideal case you know the owner or someone, who logged the cache recently.


But how, if you just know the nickname or you don't know the telephone number by heart?

And how many steps are needed to reach to corresponding person in charge?


The solution is TJ.Hooker!

An App and Service that allowes Geocacher to find exactly the right geocaching TelephoneJoker in Lightspeed.






• Assign your own contacts the Geocaching - Nickname.

• All contacts with nicknames at a glance (The tedious group assignment is not required.)

• Quick entry and search of new contacts on Hotkeys.

• Online search for appropriate and new contacts.

• Easily search for matching TelephoneJokers by entering the Geocaching - Code.

• Indication whether the TelephoneJoker is online.

• Display if the TelephoneJoker is also Owner of the cache.

• Clearly understand notification system for news, contact requests, confirmations, etc.

• Easily import or export contact information.

• Comfortable Feedback System


• Exchange contact details via the QR code (sending and reading).

• Easy to find matching TelephoneJokers by entering the Geocaching - Name.

• Search for TJs for Geocaches in your area.

• Switch between Maps and Lists.

• Using MAMA-Offlinemaps, Google Maps or OSM offline.

• NO advertising.


This App uses Geocaching Live.


This app has no advertisements


More Info:'>>

Download Instructions:



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