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GoPro Action Cam Suite Pro v2.2.3

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GoPro Action Cam Suite Pro v2.2.3

Requirements: 4.3+

Overview: Action Cam Suite was developed for GoPro HERO users all over the world who believe that remote controlling a GoPro camera should be as easy and intuitive as taking a video or capturing a photo with a GoPro itself.




With Action Cam Suite, you can easily configure your GoPro on the fly. Find out where your GoPro is pointing at and use the super fast live view to adjust your GoPro's field of view or use our mode-specific setting system to setup your favorite camera configuration in a blink. Regardless if photo, video, time-lapse or burst: Action Cam Suite will only present settings that you actually need for a specific mode.


GoPro Action Cam Suite is used by thousands of satisfied smartphone users, such as sportsmen documenting their adventures or mothers and fathers capturing their families' most memorable moments. With its intuitive and easy to use design, the best user experience on the market and persistent improvements, Action Cam Suite for GoPro HERO cameras prove itself worthy of a suitable companion app for your GoPro.


App Benefits & Features

• Connection Wizard: Connecting to your GoPro HERO camera has never been easier! Action Cam Suite finds all GoPro HERO cameras in your vicinity and assists you in establishing a connection if you use your camera for the very first time. Additionally, Action Cam Suite helps you to configure your smartphone and your GoPro correctly.


• Live View: Live streaming has never been faster! Action Cam Suite for GoPro HERO cameras has the fastest and most advanced live streaming technology on Android. Use it to adjust your GoPro's field of view before you shoot or just watch the world through its lens!


• Remote Control: Configuring your camera has never been more efficient! An elaborated design provides the best possible user experience and allows you to find the right settings as you need them. Regardless if photo, video, time-lapse or burst or sophisticated Protune configuration, Action Cam Suite will assist you in getting configurations done fast.


• Media Browser: Your memories have never been better arranged! High quality photos and videos require memory on your phone, that's inevitable. Thus, Action Cam Suite for your GoPro HERO camera allows you to download photos, videos or burst or time-lapse albums in different resolutions to your phone. Moreover, decide on your own whether you want to save your memories to your phone's internal storage or to an external SD card that is attached to your smartphone. Additionally, if you don't want to sit in front of your phone downloading photos and videos one by one, our well elaborated download manager takes care of this process - even if your device is going to sleep.


• Local Gallery: Sharing your memories has never been less painful! You don't have to bring your camera every time you want to show your memorable photos and videos to friends or family. Once downloaded, Action Cam Suite for GoPro saves them inside its local gallery, from where you can quickly access and share them.


• Featured Videos: Find out which amazing videos users all over the world are creating with their GoPro HERO camera. Action Cam Suite allows you to watch a selection of GoPro's official, most recent videos of the day.


Join almost one million satisfied users and download Action Cam Suite for your GoPro HERO camera now!


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GOPRO, HERO, the GOPRO logo, and the GoPro Be a Hero logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc.




{ ♡ } Use the download manager to download multiple files at once in background


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More Info:


Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked



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