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WildlifeCam - 4G trail camera v1.0

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WildlifeCam - 4G trail camera v1.0

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Turn an old or inexpensive prepaid smartphone, for $15-$30, into a high tech surveillance camera.




Review time lapse video footage of a remote location sent back to you each day over a 3G / 4G cellular or WIFI connection. It's easy. Simply download the App, purchase a kit to protect, power, and mount your smartphone and start enjoying the view from anywhere. 


Exceptional Benefits:

• Save hundreds of dollars in equipment by using an old or inexpensive prepaid smartphone.

• Capture footage automatically and precisely at sunrise and sunset based on your GPS location.

• Decide if, when, and where to go hunting from the comfort of your living room.

• Review time lapse captures quickly and easily in rapid slideshow mode on your computer.

• Record game movements hundreds of feet away walking in fields and flying across open water.

• Remote control capture settings, start recordings on-demand, and view battery/data usage.

• Store images locally or upload them to the cloud and share a link for your friends to enjoy. 


Setup Checklist:

• Test for 3G or 4G cellular or WIFI service at the location you want to monitor.

• Download App, review video tutorials and FAQs on our website, configure and test settings. 

• Use smartphone with minimum 1.2 GHz dual core processors, 1 GB RAM, and 5 MP camera.

• Get a 2 GB or 500 MB cellular data plan (2 GB can cover 30 min of captures twice a day, 4 days per week) 

• Purchase gear to protect, power, and mount your smartphone from our website or DIY. 

• Enjoy time-lapse captures remotely on your computer, mobile device, or tablet.


Detailed Features:

• Schedule captures – at sunrise, at sunset, both sunrise and sunset, X minutes before or after sunrise or sunset, in between sunrise and sunset, custom start/end dates, custom days of the week.

• Settings – change capture duration, lapse between snapshots, resolution, image quality, and more.

• Remote control – update capture schedule, start/stop times, lapse between snapshots, image quality, resolution, imprinting. Monitor battery level and data usage. Stop scheduled captures.

• Pair devices – link multiple smartphones with a single local monitoring device.

• Power management – app runs with screen locked, display off, and does not play sounds.

• Sharing – email friends a Dropbox link to view your captures.

• Imprinting – date, time, battery level, device name.

• File management – upload to Dropbox and delete off device to save space, keep images on the device’s Gallery, one folder per capture or combine all captures into the same folder.

• Slideshow Viewer – pause, rewind, and fast forward time-lapsed images.

• Journal - attach notes to your captures and enter a numerical values for tracking.

• Chart – graphs numerical values you enter based on the date of capture.


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