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Secret Safe Password Manager v3.7.1

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Secret Safe Password Manager v3.7.1

Requirements:  Android 1.6 and up

Overview: The password manager with the highest level of security combined with an easy to use interface.




The password manager with the highest level of security combined with an easy to use interface.

No other password vault offers more possibilites to store your confidential

* login information and credentials (user name, password, clickable logon URL),

* PIN of credit cards, ATM cards or phone locks PINs,

* secret text notes,

* secret contacts (email, phone numbers) and

* secret bookmarks and hyperlinks

in one single application. And no other password manager has more security features, like

* application master PIN or master text password

* data encryption with 256 bit keys based on a combination of SHA-256, AES and Twofish, the most secure hash and encryption algorithms available today's cryptography

* encryption keys are not directly derived from the master password, to prevent brute-force password cracking using cracking hardware (e.g. graphic card clusters), when the phone was lost or stolen

* only one Android permission is necessary for the app: access to SD card for backup / restore (no internet access needed and no ads!)

* backup function for all stored passwords and other confidential data based on ZIP AES 256 encryption (backup can be read on your PC with normal UNZIP software)

* backup can be SEND directly to a safe storage via bluetooth, email or cloud storage

* the backup file is overwritten on the deletion, so that it cannot be restored by recovery tools

* initial data load using the restore function based on CSV import file

* app is locked automatically, when there is was user input for 2 minutes (timeout is configurable)

* "exit" menu on all screens, that stops the app completely

* optional self-destruction function after 7 unsuccessful logon attempts

* user name and password can be copied to the clipboard and are deleted automatically after 30 seconds

* configurable password generator

* on Honeycomb and ICS systems, the application prevents that sensitive data is shown in screenshots for the "recent apps" list



* English

* German

* French

* Spanish

* Russian (by Andrey Kharitonov)


What's New

Version 3.7.1

* Layout changes in the list view.

* Support for PC version.



This app has no advertisements


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Download Instructions:



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