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Yoga Insight - Yoga Tracker v1.0

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Yoga Insight - Yoga Tracker v1.0

Requirements: 4.0 and up

Overview: Organise, understand & bring discipline to your yoga & meditation practice. Easily create class plans, log sessions & track your practice over time. See your progress with 5 beautiful charts.




Includes over 400 practices & 200 videos. For the serious yoga practitioner.


Key Features:

• Create custom classes

• 5 Graphs, including Total Hours, Average Rating & Total Sessions

• 400+ Practices, with option to add your own

• 200+ Videos

• Reminders with Calendar integration

• Regularity tracking, Daily or Weekly

• Practices from the Satyananda / Bihar Yoga tradition

• Practices from the Mysore Ashtanga tradition

• All practices from 'Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha' by Swami Satyananda

• Export Sessions in CSV & HTML 

• Export Class Plans as text or image - and share with students or friends

• Share graphs

• Twitter & Facebook integration




Yoga Insight is for the serious yoga student, teacher and teacher in training.


As a yoga student, Yoga Insight is a companion for your daily personal sadhana (practice). It lets you create your own classes, log sessions, and track your practice. You can set reminders integrated with your calendar, and also select daily or weekly regularity to see how regular you have been in your sadhana. The large practice library is great for learning about new and different practices, as well as a reference for those you're not sure about.


As a yoga instructor, or instructor in training, Yoga Insight lets you create class plans and share them with students (or print them for yourself). You can specify duration, number of rounds, and repetitions, and then export the class plan as an image or text. If your students use Yoga Insight, they can track their sadhana (practice) and then share graphs of their practice with you. The large practice library can be a great way to explore new content and share practices with students over social media / email, as well as act as a yoga reference.




Yoga Insight contains over 400 practices, and 200 videos in 7 different categories:


• Asana (Postures)

• Pranayama (Breath-related practices)

• Mudra & Bandha (Gestures & Locks)

• Concentration

• Mantra (Chants)

• Shatkarma (Cleansing practices)

• Other


Many of the practices come under the general Hatha yoga category. They can be added to your class plans, and almost all contain links to web text instructions and / or videos. Specific traditions that have been catered for include:


• Satyananda / Bihar Yoga (includes all practices from APMB by Swami Satyananda)

• Mysore Ashtanga


Come from a different tradition? No problem, add your own practices! (and let us know, so we can include them in for future).


This app has NO advertisements


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