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Sound Massage Premium v2.0.8

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Sound Massage Premium v2.0.8

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Heal your exhausted heart with fresh energy with Sound Massage.




Are you stressed out by all sorts of noises? 

And are you seeking relaxation and calmness in your daily life? 

The answer lies at the nature. The Mother Nature! 


♣ [1/F wave] for relieving your stress 

You may feel the sounds of waves and the stream just repeat over and over again, but in fact, these sounds have their own unique rhythm. A Japanese professor, MUSHA Sunko, proved this relaxing effect [1/F wave] rhythm has, and became world-famous. 

The sounds of nature give us refreshment and have an effect on relieving our stress by making the human body’s biorhythm to respond to them.

- MUSHA SUNKO, Natural science professor of Tokyo University, Japan-



♣ Facing Mother Nature in the sounds of the ocean and the forest! 

The forest is where we can open our world of unconsciousness and is where it can provide mental freedom while leading us to the maximum possibility. Let yourself go in the mother-like forest. You will get relaxed and find peace in your mind and spirit. 

- TAKASHI TOMITA, Top Japanese cognitive psychologist & the professor of KOMAZAWA University -


Massage Your Inner Side! 

We invite you to the world of Sound Massage.



♣ Sound Massage is particularly good for these people. 

â–¶ People who cannot sleep well due to insomnia 

â–¶ Pregnant woman, students, exam applicants who need relaxation 

â–¶ People who are stressed out too much 

â–¶ People who want to escape cold city 

â–¶ People who want to heal a wounded soul 

â–¶ People who are moody and have emotional ups and downs 

â–¶ People who need a break 

â–¶ People who need to control their temper 

â–¶ People who need to boost their concentration 

â–¶ People who need think creatively

â–¶ People who like the ocean, mountain and valley 

▶ People who love to travel but can’t manage to do it

â–¶ People who want to refresh 

â–¶ People who want to start a fresh morning 

â–¶ People who want to escape from busy life



♣ The Effect of Each Nature Sound Themes 

â–¶ Rain : It stabilizes our mind and helps you sleep well. 

â–¶ Forest : The energetic forest gives you refreshment. 

â–¶ Wave : Listening to the waves with closed eyes will kick your stress away. 

â–¶ Animals : The sound of birds warbling clears the mind and soul. 

â–¶ Instrument : Indian flute helps you reach the quiet meditative state. 

â–¶ Daily Life : The sounds from our daily lives make us feel at ease.


♣ Beat your stress and fatigue with Sound Massage!




- Add French language pack

- Replacement of the same sound


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