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Modern Air Combat: Infinity v1.5.0 [Mod High Damage/HP]

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Modern Air Combat: Infinity v1.5.0 [Mod High Damage/HP]

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: THIS IS THE ULTIMATE AIR COMBAT GAME! Become the supreme lord of the skies in the latest Modern Air Combat: Infinity!





Career Mode - Unrivaled collection of dogfight missions: Devil Regiment Challenge, Cannon Only, Duel and Free for All!

Survival Mode - Train and master your piloting skills as you prevail against endless waves of enemy attacks!

Versus Mode - Face off against friends and enemies alike in fast paced, one-on-one duel or two-on-two challenge!

Mission Mode - Complete the challenging missions and earn rich bonus to strengthen your forces.



Polished Aircraft Fleets: 50+ fighters based on the real modern prototyped aircrafts for your action-packed dogfighting. 

Deep Tech Tree: 16+ unique upgradable tech system for each aircraft to elevate your skills.

Customized Equipment System: Equip advanced wings, engines, armor, and powerful missiles, cannons for peak performance.

Console Quality Graphics: Immersive yourself in the full 3D, 360-degree environment: cityscape, harbor, ice mountain and more.

Intuitive Maneuvers: Perform barrel rolls and backflip to evade enemy fires by swiping different directions.

Easy and smooth controls: With Accelerometer or Analog Virtual Pad for selection!

Designed for players of all generations and skill levels, and available in 11 languages.


What's new:

Happy Anniversary! Pilots, please update to join us to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Modern Air Combat: Infinity and receive the rich gifts!

1. New designed hangar for an enhanced visual effect.

2. New USAF-A Package: X-29C Star Saber and X-31F Skystalker,

3. New class x3 plane: F-20X Lord Maximo,

4. Optimized the combat maneuvers to achieve fluent and coherent effect.

5. Optimized the wingtip vortices and the tail-flames of engines and missiles.

6. Fixed the error of flap movements.


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More Info:


Download Instructions:




com.volvapps.ef3.x.admob.rar -  116.6 MB

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