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Jarvis PRO - Voice assistant v1.4.41

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Jarvis PRO - Voice assistant v1.4.41

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: Jarvis is a one of a kind novelty personal assistant, the first in the store to work across your Android Wear, Phone & Tablet - Skyrocketing your phone's coolness factor to a whole new level!




Jarvis adds a cool factor to every thing he does making you look awesome!


Widget support

Access Jarvis from your lock screen with a single tap. Save notes & access them with Notes widget.


Wearable support

Jarvis is the first personal assistant to run on your Android wearable. Control your phone & tablet through your Android wear, Update wallpapers, turn on flash in dark, play songs by name, artist, album. Skip through songs, control volume! Get full readable news, weather updates, battery notifications. Set wake up alarms. All these without even taking the phone out of your pocket!


WakeUp Alarms

Use Jarvis to set quick wake up alarms, this couldn't get any easier.


Calls & Messages

Make calls & send text messages with Jarvis, all you have to do is just tell him.


CloudVoice Dynamic conversations

Jarvis is dynamic in conversation. He has a variety of answers for variety of questions & some of them are outright funny. If he doesn't know any, he learns them over time.


Voice Notifications

Get voice notifications about weather, news, battery status & power levels.


Automatic wallpaper update

Jarvis can update your home screen wallpaper automatically almost every day keeping it refreshed.


Theme support

Customize the appearance of the app by selecting from Mark I, Mark II & Mark III themes.


Device control

Control your phone settings like Flash, WiFi etc


People reminder

A one of a kind reminder which allows you to link reminders to your contacts so you get reminded when you get or make a phone call.


Media playback

Play media by name, album, artist. Shuffle the list, play or stop.


Bluetooth Support beta

If your device is running JellyBean or up, you can use your bluetooth headset to control Jarvis, play media over it and do tons of other stuffs. This feature is still in beta so don't be alarmed if some bugs pop up.


General searches

Ask Jarvis general questions like "Who is the first president of USA", "How many meters are in a kilometer", "Convert 100 cm to inches"


Office hours & Night mode

It's always irritating when your phone notifies you something when you are in office or when you are home getting a good sleep. Jarvis understands that and has you covered with two modes, Office Mode & Quiet hours


Contextually Aware

Jarvis is contextually aware of time & device settings and he adapts himself based on when you wake him up.


If you encounter any bugs or want to see a feature get implemented, please do write to us before giving a negative review.


Privacy No contents of your phone ever leave the device to any server (except the speech recognition data).


Please Note: "Jarvis PRO - Voice Assistant" is in no way associated or endorsed with the actual character.


This app has no advertisements


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